The Frederick County Health Department (FCHD) is offering two rabies vaccination clinics in 2023. The first one is on Sunday, September 24, at the Thurmont Community Park (Community Park Road). The second is Sunday, October 22, 2023, at the Brunswick Park (655 East Potomac Street). Both clinics are from 12:30-3:30 p.m.  

The clinics will be held rain or shine on a walk-in basis. Each vaccination is $10.00 and payable by cash or check only (no debit or credit cards). All dogs, cats, and ferrets 12 weeks old or older are welcome.

As of August 15, 2023, Frederick County had 21 laboratory-confirmed rabid animals for 2023: 11 raccoons, 5 skunks, 3 foxes, 1 bat, and 1 horse. Rabies exposures can impact both pets and their families. Exposures to rabies-positive animals can create the need for people to get post-exposure vaccinations and for pets to complete a quarantine. It is important to note that vaccinated pets have shorter quarantines and, more importantly, much better protection from rabies.

Rabies has a nearly 100 percent mortality rate once an animal or person starts having symptoms. However, rabies fatalities are preventable in humans through avoiding unvaccinated animals or, if exposed, by early administration of rabies post-exposure prophylaxis. In pets, rabies is preventable by vaccination or by preventing their exposure to unknown or unvaccinated animals. Since it is not always possible to limit your pet’s interactions with unvaccinated wild or stray animals, it is crucial to get pets vaccinated against this deadly disease. According to FCHD Environmental Health Services Director Barry Glotfelty, “The cornerstone of rabies prevention and control is rabies vaccination of domestic animals, so please take this or other opportunities to vaccinate your pets.”

For additional information about this vaccination clinic or general rabies information, please contact 301-600-1717 or visit

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