Girl Scout Troop 81178 heard about all the bad things happening to police officers, and they wanted to give them something that showed them how much they supported them. The troop decided to make the police officers bags of encouragement to let them know how much they are appreciated for all that they do. The girls went to the Police barracks in Frederick County and were able to meet with an officer from the Sheriff’s Department and the State Police.

The girls thanked each of the officers for protecting them and keeping them safe. One of the girls asked if she could take a selfie with them. The two officers were more than happy to get in a picture with our Daisy Girl Scout. They each got to express to the officers how much they looked up to them and respected them. The girls are a true testament to what they will become in the future, not for just giving back to their community, but for knowing right from wrong.

The troop wants to thank all service men and women for all of their dedication, support, and to know that they are truly appreciated for all they do on a daily bases to keep us all safe.

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