Detectives from the Frederick County Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit spoke at the June Meeting of the Lewistown Ruritan Club. 

These dedicated detectives provided a wealth of information on the narcotic activities not only in Frederick County, but throughout the United States.  Apparently, there are no easy solutions when it comes to American’s addiction crises. Overdose deaths of 100,000 lives in more than two years in a row occurs because of fentanyl poisoning. 

The detectives displayed some of the narcotics that are widely used throughout the United States and mentioned that there is a huge evidence of cocaine in this area. They mentioned that the “layperson Naloxone (NARCAN) training course” at the local health department will teach you how to recognize the signs of an opioid overdose and how to administer the opioid reversal drug, Naloxone. 

This was a very well-received presentation due to the nature of the subject and its presentation. The Ruritan recognizes the danger associated with the work these detectives and others do for the citizens of the United States and specifically here in Frederick County.

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