Chip Jewell

The Frederick County Fire & Rescue Museum, located at 300B South Seton Avenue in Emmitsburg, just north of the National Fire Academy, is now open for the 2024 season. 

Several new items will be on display, including the “Junior Defender” uniform manikin and the historic original “tin type’ of an actual “Junior Defender.” Also on display from the Junior Fire Co. No. 2,  just added last year, is the restored Silsby hand-drawn hose reel, believed to be the original hose reel for the Juniors 1876 Silsby steam pumper, the first steam pumper in Frederick.

Additionally, the 1919 Ahrens-Fox, originally purchased for the United Steam Fire Engine Co. No. 3 and now owned by the Gladhill family, is still on display.

Other early fire apparatus on display include “Romeo,” the beautiful 1893 Independent Hose Co. NO. 1  hosecarriage; the circa 1848 hand-pumper “Old Lady,” used by both the United Fire Company and Libertytown; and the fully restored Badger chemical engine of the Jefferson Volunteer Fire Company and Willy’s Jeep formerly  owned by the Lewistown District Volunteer Fire Department.

The museum also features a memorial display honoring all the fire and rescue personnel in Frederick County who have died in the line of duty, with individual pictures and a brief description of each fallen hero.

The Frederick County Fire & Rescue Museum has free admission and is staffed by local fire and rescue volunteers.

Visit the website at for hours of operation.

1919 Ahrens-Fox fire engine, originally in service at the United Fire Company in Frederick and now owned by Maurice Gladhill of Gladhill Tractor, who has graciously allowed the museum to display this historic piece of Fredrick County firefighting history.

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