Born November 16, 1922, Frances Messner recently celebrated her 100th birthday. She is third in line of 10 kids to Joseph W. and Annie Kelly. Frances has lived in Thurmont all her life. Her key to longevity? She claims, there are “too many people waiting to get into Heaven and the devil doesn’t want me. Besides, it’s too hot there!” She said she’s just waiting… “twenty-four hours a day “settin’ around, take it as it comes.”

As we age, she explained, we “get to a point where you can’t see, can’t hear, and you have to have somebody waiting on you hand and foot.” She most regrets that she “can’t eat the good stuff.” She joked, “You know, right before I die, I’m gonna ask for one of those big meals for my final meal!”

In school, Frances earned good grades, but one day (in 10th grade), she decided not to go to school anymore and “nobody ever said anything about it.”

Frances got a job in Taneytown for three years until marrying and starting a family with Ralph Messner. The couple had four children. When they started to fall behind on the bills, Frances went to work at the Emmitsburg Manufacturing Company. She worked there for 21 years. She and Ralph worked opposing shifts to cover care of their children. Frances now has 12 grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren, 19 great-great-grandchildren (with three more on the way)!

Frances Received 122 birthday cards. Thanks to all who reached out to her for her special centennial birthday!

Bobby Black of Catoctin Mountain Orchard (left) delivers 100 apples to Frances (pictured with Bev Sutton, Frances’ daughter) for her 100th birthday, as she takes a bite from the 100th apple.

Five generations: Emily Snyder—great-granddaughter, Beverly Sutton—daughter, Teresa Snyder—granddaughter, Josh Snyder—grandson, Chase Shoemaker—great-great-grandson, Frances Messner—holding Adeline Minns, great-great-granddaughter, and Kiley Myers—great-great-granddaughter.

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