Linda Calhoun of Fairfield, Pennsylvania, has always considered herself a Christian writer and photographer with a love of the outdoors, but her first book came from an unexpected visitor: a monarch butterfly.

Calhoun said that while she was outside one day, the butterfly landed on her hand and stayed for almost an hour. A week later, the butterfly re-appeared, and Calhoun put her hand out again, and, once again, the butterfly walked onto her hand. 

“I want readers to have an appreciation for all of God’s creatures given unto us to enjoy, but most important, respect nature; therefore, the second half of my book is packed full of wildlife pictures from my property.”

Calhoun originally began writing after the passing of her husband 35 years ago, and she has not stopped since. After completing her first book, Calhoun has now started on a second about heavenly visits. Look for her books on Amazon!

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