The status of new businesses and development coming to Emmitsburg follows:

Emmit Ridge 2: The property is for sale.

Federal Stone: The forest and site plans have been approved. The next step is to submit an improvement plat with the town. Construction is being pushed back due to high construction cost caused by inflation.

Frailey Farm: The property is under contract. The proposed developer held a public workshop with the mayor and board of commissioners to discuss the project last month.

Mason Dixon Logistics Park (Trout Property): The concept plan has been submitted to staff for a commercial/industrial park. Submitted an informal floating zone amendment for comment.

MDOT/SHA Park & Ride: MDOT/SHA restarted design work on July 1. It is expected that 30 percent of the project will be complete by the end of 2022.

Ripleigh’s Creamery: Construction was to begin in October.

Rutter’s: The project is under active construction. It is expected to be completed this month.

Village Liquors & Plaza Inn: Property owner has informed the town he is now phasing the project – Phase 1: first-story convenience area and Phase 2: second- and third-story hotel. They are currently waiting on Frederick County improvement plan approval.

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