James Rada, Jr.

Frank Davis and Valerie Turnquist were elected during the Emmitsburg municipal elections on September 26. Despite the rainy day, 367 people turned out to vote.

Two incumbent commissioners, Davis and Timothy O’Donnell, ran to replace Mayor Don Briggs. Davis won with 82 percent (301 votes) of votes, while O’Donnell received only 17 percent (62 votes). Four people did not vote mayor.

Davis said last month, “I am excited about the opportunity to lead the town and will commit to listening to the citizens. I want to be sure Emmitsburg remains a viable town that attracts businesses and can provide a great place to live.”

The priorities he saw for the town are planning for the future, becoming fiscally responsible, improving downtown parking, controlling the water rates, and making childcare affordable and available.

Joe Ritz, III’s, commissioner seat was also open. Ritz chose not to run for re-election. Three candidates ran for the seat, including former commissioner Glenn Blanchard.

Valerie Turnquist won the majority of the votes, with 58 percent or 212 votes. Blanchard received 112 votes or 31 percent, and Dale Sharrer received 27 votes or 7 percent. Sixteen people or 4 percent did not vote for a commissioner candidate.

Turnquist spoke about her candidacy during the September town meeting. She mentioned three issues that led to her run. She said the large increase in the town’s water rates to pay for needed infrastructure improvements was not sustainable. She believed the town should become a Main Street Maryland town to encourage businesses to open in Emmitsburg. She also said the town needs affordable housing and that it has none now.

However, her priority will be what residents want. “What’s on their mind is what will be on my agenda,” she said.

The new town officials will be sworn in during the October town meeting on October 2.

Frank Davis elected to replace Mayor Don Briggs in Emmitsburg election on September 26.

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