Thurmont local, Melissa McKenney (pictured right), has been selected to be part of a team of 20 individuals from all over the United States to serve on the Cuddy Family Foundation for Veterans’ team to complete the 29029 Everesting Challenge in Vermont in October of 2023. Each member of the team will have 36 hours to climb 29,029 feet up Stratton Mountain in Vermont.

Melissa said, “We walk up the mountain and ride the ski lift down. It’s a total of 17 trips up the mountain. I joined the team to help bring attention to how Veterans, as a whole, are treated. We let them fight for our country, but then let them live in tents. We need to do more for them. We need to do more job training, mental health awareness, housing help, and various other things. The Cuddy Foundation and this event help to support Veterans in these ways.”

The Cuddy Foundation’s mantra is “Actions, Not Words.” The foundation is 100 percent volunteer and a 501(c)(3), with the primary goal of helping Veterans become self-sufficient. Efforts are specifically aimed at reducing the alarming suicide rate for Veterans.

The Cuddy Foundation helps give Veterans a sense of purpose through various creative means and activities: poetry journals, art projects, involvement with The Boston Marathon, The 29029 Challenge, GloryFest benefit concerts, and so forth. Visit for more information or to donate.

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