Todd Imes, 1988 Catoctin High School Graduate

When you see the word “recovery,” do you automatically think of drugs and alcohol? Most of us do. However, we live in a world where many more issues, other than these, control our lives. Things such as food, gambling, shopping, pornography, and work addictions are just a few more of the physical addictions. There are also emotional addictions like depression, anxiety, anger, fear, low self-worth, pride, and perfectionism, just for starters.

Every single one of us is either struggling with one of these issues or know someone who is. I am a Thurmont native (moved here in 1978) and this area is very dear to me. With Celebrate Recovery, we can come together, unjudged, and work through these things together. I truly believe we can all be better, and with a group like this, we have the perfect opportunity to achieve that: Celebrate Recovery is a 12-step Christ-centered group that provides this. I assure you we do not make it “churchy.” We make it joyous, confidential, and uplifting. But most of all, we make it!

Celebrate Recovery gathers from 7:00-9:00 p.m. every Friday evening downstairs at MorningStar Family Church, located at 14698 Albert Staub Road in Thurmont. You have nothing to lose by coming, but could possibly lose so much by not.

Please contact me, Todd Imes, with any questions at 240-285-7802 or email [email protected].

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