Joan Fry

goes-with-aunt-joan's-writeOn June 18, 2016, the Sons of the American Legion (SAL) Post 239 in Cascade held their spring Gun and Cash Bash on the grounds of Fort Ritchie.

Of the 2,500 tickets sold, there were more than 1,050 people in attendance.

The weather was perfect and attendees enjoyed visiting with friends, playing the games, and winning the raffles. Fisher House, SAL Person(s) in Need Fund, and Cascade School’s Christmas Party will be prioritized in receiving the proceeds of the benefit.

There was plenty of pulled pork and beef, along with other picnic items, including Jen’s ice cream, to satisfy the hungry and the thirsty. Heartfelt thanks to all who endeavored to make this day a big success. Just preparing 900 pounds of meat is quite a feat. It takes a lot of people, and they’re all volunteers!
Winners of the ticketed event were D. Miller, B. May, E. Miller, J. Wagaman, P. Pritt, J. Frye, S. Pelland, A. Scott, E. Willard, R. Martin, D. Hensley, D. DeLauter, E. Toms, S. Berger, J. Edwards, T. Bloyer, P. Ambrose, and C. Dayhoff.

The next Gun and Cash Bash will take place Saturday, October 1, 2016. Watch for tickets.

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