This Is My Story

by Dr. Thomas K. Lo, Advanced Chiropractic

This year marked my 35th anniversary practicing chiropractic and 13 years using Nutritional Response Testing NRT® in Maryland.

After graduating from National University of Health Science, I started my private practice in Crofton, Maryland, in 1984. I continued my postgraduate training and was awarded as a Fellow of the International Academy Clinical Acupuncture, a Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine, and a Diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management. I served on the medical team for the 1996 Track and Field Olympic Team and as a treating doctor on the U.S Greatest Athlete Decathlon Club in the 2004 Olympic trial. I have also served as the treating chiropractor for the Ballet Theater of Maryland, the only professional Ballet Company in the State. Along the way, I have taken care of many professional athletes, celebrities, and politicians. I was at the height of my career until misfortune struck and resulted in the very reason I got into NRT®

It all began on December 16, 2006. It was the holiday season and our office was very hectic. I was busy treating patients, trying to close the books for the year-end taxes and getting ready for two big Christmas parties at my house, with 50-70 guests. I had no time for lunch and just grabbed a bite to eat from whatever patients brought in—mainly cookies and chocolates.

On that Tuesday afternoon around 4:00 p.m., I broke out in a cold sweat, felt shaky, and experienced vertigo right in the middle of treating a patient. I ran to the bathroom, throwing up, and returned to finish treating the patient. This went on for about an hour, and I finally could not do that anymore. We had to cancel all the patients in the next two hours, and I asked my chiropractic assistant, Tony, to take my blood pressure. It was 190/165, my pulse was 90, and my temperature was normal.

He drove me to my family doctor who tried to stop my vertigo and vomiting with pills and shots, but had no success. The doctor finally gave me a shot to knock me out, and he asked Tony to drive me home. My doctor tried very hard to help me out and had spent over an hour past their closing time. I was thankful and appreciated that very much. They had been our family physicians since 1984, and we were lucky to have them; they are friendly and open-minded.

Just about a week before this, I had bragged about never missing a day of work because of illness or injuries. Now I had to miss two days in a row. For the next two months, I went through a healing journey, with which some of you can identify. First, I saw a neurologist who could not find anything wrong with me. My blood pressure was back to normal, with no medication. I had an MRI to rule out cancer or a stroke, which came back normal.

Next, I visited an ENT specialist who found I had slight hearing loss in my left ear. All the bloodwork came back normal, and he did not know what caused the vertigo. The next stop was the urologist. The PSA was slightly high, but the digital exam and biopsy was normal. A scheduled visit to the GI doctor and a colonoscopy revealed twelve polyps, but none of them were cancerous.

In the meantime, between medical doctor visits, I was seeing three different chiropractic colleagues. They gave me a variety of treatments, including activator adjustment, manual manipulation, cold laser, and nutrition and diet modification. After all the medical testing, the doctors could still not find the cause of my vertigo. Interestingly, a chiropractic evaluation revealed I had a virus in left ear, malfunctioning kidneys, parasites, adrenal fatigue, and multiple food allergies. All of these came from eating too much sugar and my stressed out body just could not handle it, resulting in an immune system breakdown. I did try acupuncture and some herbal remedies, which did not help at all. While the cold laser helped to eliminate the symptom of vertigo, diet change and nutrition support were the proper treatment for me and got to the root of the problem.

After two months of medical testing and alternative care, I lost ten pounds and felt about 80-90 percent better. I started playing tennis again, but had lost the stamina, quickness, and finesse. Therefore, I continued searching for a better answer and went through many seminars. Finally, I attended Dr. Ulan’s Nutrition Response Testing Seminar and found it to be what I needed. The program is simple, easy to follow, thorough, and relatively inexpensive.

Nutritional Response Testing allows me to pinpoint the cause of your problem with laser sharp accuracy and provide you with your personalized, specific nutrition evaluation. If five patients come in with symptoms and diagnosis of hypothyroidism, each one of them may have a different treatment program; it depends on the cause.

Since I have been on the NRT® Program, I regained my quickness and stamina on the tennis court. I started to win games and matches again. As my opponents have said, “He is back!” Since being in Frederick, I have become quite an opponent on the pickleball court as well!

I sold the practice in Crofton last December to concentrate on my practice in Frederick, which I started in March 2017, as I semi-retired with my wife to Thurmont. We enjoy the slower pace of life in this area, In my spare time, I discovered pickleball and play up to six or seven times a week. When not playing pickleball, I enjoy working out and swimming at the YMCA in downtown Frederick. On the weekends, my wife and I enjoy eating out at local restaurants and hiking a couple of miles in the mountains near our home with our dog.

Life is good, but nothing gives me more pleasure and satisfaction than seeing my patients and helping them achieve their optimal health, especially with the conditions their own doctors could not help them with or diagnose. When I figure out the cause of my patients’ ill health and find out what nutritional supplements and diet changes can help them, their body begins healing itself and they begin the journey to regaining their health and feeling better.

If you are struggling with health issues, call the Advanced Chiropractic & Nutritional Healing Center at 240-651-1650 for a free consultation.  Dr. Lo uses Nutritional Response Testing ® to analyze the body to determine the underlying causes of ill or non-optimum health.

The office is located at 7310 Grove Road #107, Frederick, MD. Check out the website at

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