Fresh Fruits: Champion – Kylie Robertson (Sugar Giant Peaches); Reserve Champion – Kylie Robertson (Honey Crisp Apples) • Fresh Vegetables: Champion – Brian Harbaugh (Yellow Corn); Reserve Champion – Charles Sayler (Watermelon) • Home Products Display: Champion – Roxanna Lambert; Reserve Champion – Charlotte Dutton • Canned Fruit: Champion – Donald Stanley (Canned Pears); Reserve Champion – Carolyn Hahn (Whole Yellow Cherries) • Canned Vegetables: Champion – Carolyn Hahn (Whole Tomatoes); Reserve Champion – Carolyn Hahn (Yellow Tomato Juice) • Jellies & Preserves: Champion – Denise Shriver (Peach Preserves); Reserve Champion – Paul Miller (Pepper Jelly) • Pickles: Champion – Stephanie Ott (Dill Pickle); Reserve Champion – Joanna Fuss (Corn Relish) • Meat (Canned): Champion – Ann Welty (Canned Fish); Reserve Champion – Ann Welty (Canned Quail) • Home Cured Meats: Champion – Robert McAfee (Ham); Reserve Champion – Catoctin FFA Alumni (Ham) • Baked Products (Cake): Champion – Maxine Troxell (Hummingbird Cake); Reserve Champion – Maxine Troxell (German Chocolate Cake) • Honorable Mention (Cake): Burall Brothers Scholarship – Sherry Flohr (Coconut Cake) • Bread: Champion – Carolyn Eyler (Banana Bread); Reserve Champion – Debbie Wiles (Biscuits) • Pie: Champion – Denise Valentine (Apple Pie); Reserve Champion – Denise Valentine (Shoo Fly Pie) • Sugar Free: Champion – Roxanna Lambert (Diabetic Bread); Catherine Miller (Apple Pie) • Gluten Free Baked Product: Champion – Elizabeth Ruppert (Honey Oat Bread); Reserve Champion – Ann Welty (Bread) • Sewing: Champion – Peggy Vandercruysen (Quilt); Reserve Champion – Constance Smith (Infant Layette) • Flowers & Plants: Champion – Roxanna Lambert (Side Table Arrangement); Reserve Champion – Roxanna Lambert (Silk Arrangement) • Arts, Painting & Drawings: Champion – Penny Keilholtz (Acrylic); Reserve Champion – Johnny Kempisty (Drawing) • Crafts: Champion – James Garman (Handcrafted Furniture); Reserve Champion – Mary Connecher (Collage) • Photography: Champion – Debbie Swing (Color Photo – Action); Reserve Champion – Debbie Swing (Color Photo – Animal) • Corn: Champion – Matt Clark (Yellow Corn); Reserve Champion – Bridgette Kinna (Indian Corn) • Small Grain & Seeds: Champion – Rodman Myers (Shelled Corn); Reserve Champion – Rodman Myers (Wheat) • Eggs: Champion – Jen Sayler (White Eggs); Reserve Champion – Audrey Downs (Brown Eggs) • Nuts: Champion – Edward Hahn (English Walnuts); Reserve Champion – Edward Hahn (Black Walnuts) • Rabbit: Champion – Laura Dutton (Rabbit and offspring); Reserve Champion – Paige Baker (Female Breeding D’Argent Champagne • Poultry: Champion – Ann Seiss (Rooster); Reserve Champion – Jerry Seiss (Hen) • Dairy: Champion – Joseph Hubbard (Ayrshire Winter Calf); Reserve Champion – Robert Hahn (Milking Shorthorn Summer Yearling) • Dairy Goats: Champion – Olivia Dutton (Doe 2 years and under 3 years); Reserve Champion – Rose Froelich (Doe 3 years and under 5 years) • Hay: Champion – Matt Clark (Alfalfa Hay); Reserve Champion – Sam Topper (Orchard Grass) • Straw: Dallas McNair (Wheat Straw); Reserve Champion – Rodman Myers (Wheat Straw) • Junior Department: Caroline Clarke (Sewn Item – vest); Reserve Champion – McKenzi Forrest (Artwork) • Junior Department Baked Product: Ryan Martin (Chocolate Cake – Frosted); Reserve Champion – Jayden Myers (Cookies) • Youth Department: Champion – Alex Bollinger (Paper Craft); Reserve Champion – Gabriella Ferraro (Gel Pen Drawing) • Youth Department Baked Product: Justin McAfee (Peach Pie); Reserve Champion – Ruby McAfee (Bread) • Beef: Champion – Margo Sweeney; Reserve Champion – Travis Fields • Lamb: Caroline Clark; Reserve Champion – Kaitlynn Neff • Swine: Champion – Wyatt Davis; Reserve Champion – Ray Martin, IV • Market Goat: Katie Glass; Reserve Champion – Joseph Hubbard • Decorated Animal Contest: Peyton Davis (Dorothy & Scare crow); Reserve Champion – Laura Dutton (Goat – Bumble Bee) • Pet Show: Tracy Beeman (Pomeranian Dog); Reserve Champion – Pam Kaas (Dog) • Kiddie Pedal Tractor Pull: Champion – Ryan Martin; Reserve Champion – Caroline Clark.
Pictured from left seated are Jessica Valentine, Susan Free, Susan Trice, Gene Long, Karen Young Myers, Maybelin Cruz, Carrie Wivell, Bridget Nicholson, Ashley McAfee, Becky Myers Linton; standing, Mark Valentine, Brian D. Glass, Principal Quesada, Dr. Terry Alban, George Bollinger, Ray Martin, Gene Bollinger, Bob Valentine, Barry Burch, Daniel Myers, Joe Kuhn, Rodman Myers, Shawn Shriner, Tyler Donnelly, Bob Fraley, Randy Valentine for Ray Valentine, Dave Harman, and Stacey Ridge.

Left side top to bottom: Flag bearers line up for the Opening Ceremony Procession of Flags.
Matthew Offutt’s dog, Maddie, won first place (Prettiest Dog).
Abby Stouter and Kaylee Smith from the Thurmont Riding Club lead a pony ride for little Emily Roberts.
Three-year-old Rebecca Schectman enjoys the sweet dwarf bunnies in the Ag area.
Right side top to bottom: Maxine Troxell (Grand Champion Cake baker) is shown with (buyers) Gateway Candyland & Liquors, Grant Kelly, Maggie Doll, John Doll, Jamison Doll, and Eva Doll.
Bob Valentine (Community Show vice-president) and Rodman Myers (Community Show president) are shown with the 2016-17 CHS FFA Ambassador, Maybelin Cruz.
Josie Martin (six years old) enthusiastically peddles to the finish line.
2016 Reserve Market Goat Champion, Joseph Hubbard, is shown with his Boer goat, Dom.


Harold and Peggy Long (donors of FFA Scholarship Hog) are shown with Catoctin Colorfest President (buyer) Carol Robertson, David R. Young (The Long’s grandson and CHS Senior), and Maybelin Cruz (2016-17 CHS FFA Ambassador).

Horseshoe Tournament participants shown are: Gary Miller, Gary Hoffmaster, Gary Willard, Rich Willard, Carl Willard, John Holt, Dick Glass, Jim Shubert, Bill Klunk, Gil Lue Kenbaugh, Dave Miller, John Smith, Dale Kaas, Donnie Kaas. Tournament winners were: 1st Place — John Holt and Dale Kaas, 2nd — Rich Willard and Carl Willard, 3rd — Gary Willard and Donnie Kaas.

Officer Duhan (Thurmont Police Department) is shown with his dog Buddy. They did a demonstration and placed in the Pet Show.

Caroline Clarke showed the Grand Champion Lamb.

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