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The Jack and Shirley Little Scholarship Fund at Mother Seton School (MSS) will continue to help families seeking an affordable Catholic education for years to come, thanks to the efforts of the Little Family. On December 18, 2017, Tony Little, Scott Little, Pam Bolin (Little), and Jane Moore presented MSS Principal Sr. Brenda Monahan, D.C. with a check for $20,000, the proceeds from the annual Angels Above Alumni Golf Tournament. The event was held on October 6, 2017, at the Mountain View Golf Club in Fairfield, Pennsylvania.

The tournament began as a promise made to their dying father that the Little siblings would do something to repay the generosity shown their parents when they sent their six children to MSS in the 1970s and 1980s. Tony, a graduate of MSS in 1978, followed through with that commitment, and with his siblings—Tim, Mary Lou, Pam, Scott, and Ed—launched the golf tournament as a means to raise money for the Jack and Shirley Little Scholarship Fund at Mother Seton School. To date, the tournament has raised over $116,000 for the fund and helped numerous families afford the cost of tuition to MSS. “We want to continue to help Mother Seton School grow and thrive, and not have money be an issue (for families who wish to enroll their children),” Mr. Little said.

“We are grateful to the Little Family for their generosity and continued commitment to Catholic education,” said Monahan. “In keeping with the legacy of our Foundress and Patron Saint, Elizabeth Ann Seton, our mission at Mother Seton School is to provide solid academics and solid Christian values for all who desire it, regardless of financial means. Thanks to the support of the Little Family, we can meet the growing demand for financial assistance so that families can choose and remain in a Catholic School.”

Tony Little remains humble about the family’s contributions. “None of us do this for recognition, only to keep Mom and Dad’s dream alive. For that reason, we will continue our efforts to contribute to the scholarship fund.”

The next Angels Above Alumni Golf Tournament will be held on October 5, 2018.

Pictured from left are Scott Little; Pam Bolin (Little); Tony Little; Sr. Brenda Monahan, D.C. (Principal); and Jane Moore.

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On Thursday, May 12, 2016, Mother Seton School (MSS) conferred the Seton Values Award to the Jack and Shirley Little Family and Sonya Hand, formerly of By Hand Designs, at their annual Donor Appreciation dinner. The dinner is held each year to show appreciation for the support given to MSS throughout the year.

“We are blessed with a community of individuals and businesses whose contributions make a significant impact in our school,” said Sister Brenda Monahan, D.C., principal of MSS. “The Seton Values Award is an opportunity to extend our gratitude to our partners who strive to help us further the mission of our school.”

The Seton Values Award is given in recognition for outstanding and long-standing dedication to the educational mission of MSS and to continuing the legacy of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton. Traditionally, the award is presented to a business or professional and to an individual who has gone above and beyond in their support of MSS’s educational mission. This year, the individual award was given to an entire family, the Littles, who come together each year in honor of their parents’ memory to raise money for the scholarship fund at MSS in their parents’ name.

The Little siblings are responsible for organizing the annual Angels Above Alumni Golf Tournament, which takes place each fall. Proceeds from the tournament benefit the Jack and Shirley Little Scholarship Fund at MSS. The tournament began out of a promise the siblings made to their parents. “It’s all about helping others,” said Scott Little. “Now it is our turn…to give back. This was the promise (we) made to our parents on their death bed, that we would continue to give back to MSS and to help as many families as we can.”

Mary Lou Little was honored to receive the award. “I love to volunteer and help those in need. It’s my way of giving back.” Her brother, Ed, agrees. “I love to volunteer because Mom and Dad always encouraged us to help those less fortunate. It’s in our blood.”

Sonya Hand, former proprietor of By Hand Designs, was recognized for her continuing contributions to enhancing and promoting the MSS brand over the years. She has also been integral in helping develop the MSS website over the years, most recently this past spring when she helped create and launch a more streamlined, fresh, and intuitive website. Hand continues to offer assistance in these areas, often performing the services pro-bono. “I believe so strongly in the school, its mission, and its virtues, that supporting the school in whatever way possible just seems like second nature,” said Hand. “It was an honor to receive this year’s Seton Values Award, as it is to be a part of a richly blessed community of loving and dedicated faculty, staff, students, and volunteers.” Hand is also the parent of MSS alumnae (Maya, class of 2014, and Ana, class of 2016), as well as a current student (Nathaniel, entering fifth grade in the fall).

“Sonya Hand and the Little family represent the spirit of our school in that they are “other-centered” and give feely without expecting anything in return,” said Monahan. “They represent the type of person we hope our graduates become. The leadership and dedication they’ve shown has been truly inspiring.”

Pictured from left are: (back) Sister Joan Corcoran, D.C., Assistant Principal; Tony Little, Jane Moore, Pam Little Bolin, Scotty Little, Sarah Little, Sharon Little, Emily Little, Scott Little, Sister Brenda Monahan, D.C., Principal; (front) Marylou Little, Ed Little, and Kim Bolin (holding Mason).
Pictured from left are Sister Joan Corcoran, D.C., Assistant Principal; Ana Hand; Sonya Hand; Lee Hand; and Sister Brenda Monahan, D.C., Principal