by James Rada, Jr.

November 1923, 100 Years Ago

Thurmont Conference

The second of the series of conferences being held by the Frederick County C. E. Union will be held tonight at Thurmont, beginning at 7:30 o’clock. Following will be the program: Hymn, invocation; “Christian Endeavor, the Church’s Tool Chest,” Rev. Wm. R. Glen, Frederick; “An Ideal Prayer Meeting,” Frank Witter, Frederick; “An Ideal Business Meeting,” Vernon Coblentz, Middletown; music; “I Am My Brother’s Keeper” Ruth Krieg, Adamstown; “Nature, a Constant Reminder of Friendship of Christ,” Rev. John S. Adam, Westminster; “Friends of Christ,” Carroll M. Wright.

                                – Frederick Daily News, November 23, 1923

Purely Personal

Mr. Sanford L. Shaffer and family of Thurmont, moved last week to their new home: the property on the east side of Church street, owned by Dr. M. A. Birely.

                                – Frederick Daily News, November 12, 1923

November 1948, 75 Years Ago

Rabbits Scarce But Hunters Are Not Dismayed

While the United States is waging a cold war with the Russians it was a red-hot war that was begun Monday for the rabbits in Frederick County. The eager nimrods laid down a barrage that virtually shook rabbitland to its foundation.

One casualty was listed. He was Kenneth Carty, 16, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Carty, near Catoctin Furnace, had the calf of one leg shattered and his foot peppered with shot when a new shotgun discharged as he was hunting with companions. His condition was reported favorable at the Frederick Hospital Thursday night.

                                – Emmitsburg Chronicle, November 4, 1948

Prisoner Sentenced For Hallowe’en Vandalism, Walks Out of Jail; Returned Again

Less than an hour after he walked out of the Frederick jail, where he is serving a 90-day sentence, Ray Irvin Fraley, 22, of Thurmont, was back in custody Thursday afternoon. Fraley, sentenced last Saturday by Magistrate William J. Stoner in Thurmont, for malicious destruction of property in connection with a Hallowe’en prank, was serving as a trusty at the jail. He changed clothing in a lavatory and walked away about 2 o’clock.

State and Frederick City police were immediately notified as soon as Fraley’s disappearance was discovered. He was picked up about 3 o’clock in a Frederick bowling alley. He offered no resistance and was returned to the jail by Deputy R. Paul Buhrman.

                                – Emmitsburg Chronicle, November 11, 1948

November 1973, 50 Years Ago

Fire Levels Historic Home; Bridge Knocked Out By Fireman Responding

An Emmitsburg fireman was injured when his van overturned while he was responding to a fire alarm at 9 Sunday evening. The fire leveled a large home, a former show place on the Crystal Fountain Road, two miles west of Emmitsburg.

Roger Harner, 24, Emmitsburg R2, was taken to the Warner Hospital, Gettysburg, in the Emmitsburg VFW ambulance after his van turned over on its roof and became wedged in the iron railing of an old wooden bridge on the Annandale Road, a half mile west of Emmitsburg, shortly after the fire alarm was sounded. He was treated at the hospital for injuries to his right eye, lip and chin.

                                – Emmitsburg Chronicle, November 1, 1973

Hoisted Flag Shows Progress Of School

The red checkered flag flying on top of the new school building indicated completion of the structural steel on the building. The last piece was put in place last Friday, according to Robert Brown, Construction Superintendent. The exterior masonry work is 90% complete; curb and gutters, paving, fine grading, and seeding are almost complete.

Placement of cement board on the sloped roofs should be completed this week and the roof dried in with heavy tar paper next week. The plumbers have heat and water lines well under way. Assuming favorable weather, the steel decking will be placed on the flat roof sections next week and work is expected to start on the heating ducts.

                                – Emmitsburg Chronicle, November 29, 1973

November 1998, 25 Years Ago

Overall a Good Start for the Mason-Dixon Line Fall Festival

The Emmitsburg Business and Professional Association (EBPA) met October 20th to discuss the success of the Mason-Dixon Line Fall Festival which they sponsored the first weekend in October this year as part of the county’s 250th anniversary celebration. The organization agreed that they would like it to become an annual event.

According to festival co-chairman Hope Mahoney, “There were some problems, mix-ups, and some things that really worked well. Of course, nobody could do anything about the weather. Overall, I think we have a basic structure in place that will help us plan for a program next year.”

                                – The Emmitsburg Regional Dispatch, November 1998

CASS Welcomes New Area Director

The Catoctin-Aires Majorette, Color Guard, and Drum Corps has captured the Maryland State Advanced C.A.M.A. Grand Championship Title for 1998. The award is presented to the advanced whole corps with the best overall placements for the areas of baton twirlers, color guard, and percussion units. In a clean sweep victory, the Catoctin-Aires Corps won first place in each of those areas. In addition, the corps’ color guard was awarded the Bob Setera Memorial High General Effect Trophy for its spectacular presentation of music as portrayed in movies. The corps was also named the Maryland title winners for Advanced Best Tiny Tot unit, and Advanced Best Complementary Unit for auxiliary sections with in the corps. The Juvenile Pom  Team championship title was also won by the Catoctin-Aires’ Juvenile Porn Team. The corps beginner branch twirling corps, Catoctin-Ettes, placed second in the Tiny Tot division for beginner tot sections.

Claiming victory in the dance-twirl competition, the corps’ elite dance twirl branch, under the name of Rampage, won advanced Sr. Dance-Twirl Team championship title, the Advanced Juvenile Dance-Twirl Team championship title and the Advanced Tiny TOT Dance-Twirl Team title. Placing second in the senior porn team division was the Rampage Senior Porn team. The corps also sponsors a Senior Percussion Ensemble, labeled X.R.A.; who placed second in that respective division.

                                – The Emmitsburg Regional Dispatch, November 1998

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