by James Rada, Jr.

November 1920, 100 Years Ago

Paid $1.00 Fine

In a hurry, he left his car stand near the Square corner in Thurmont, and attended to some business. On returning he found a tag on the car stating something about $1.00 fine for parking in a restricted area. Mayor Rouzer’s name appeared on the card. Mr. P. N. Hammaker took his dollar to Mayor Rouzer and explained, but the mayor knew not what it all meant. The joke cost Hammaker $1.00, and he says he is glad the mayor kept the money. Somebody may find a tag on their car in the future.

                                          – Catoctin Clarion, November 4, 1920

Game Plenty

The hunting season opened a(t) daybreak yesterday morning with a bang, bang, in every direction. Rabbits seemed to be plentiful, and from what we saw, Pap, the dog, and the whole family were out after them. Thus far, we shot one, saw four others, some of which we shot at and some we didn’t. This one stands us in money $1.25, and about two hours’ time.

One hunter reports that after a rabbit had been shot at five times it stopped, fell over dead, apparently exhausted, and he got it.

                                          – Catoctin Clarion, November 11, 1920

November 1945, 75 Years Ago

Speculation is Rife Already Over Elections

Tuesday, November 6, is the last day on which new residents of Maryland can declare their intentions to become prospective voters in order to be eligible to cast ballots in next year’s election. With this date in mind, speculation has become rife as to prospective candidates.


          The name of Donald J. Gardner, Sabillasville, recently discharged from military service, has been mentioned as a Democratic possibility for House of Delegates and that of John Derr, Monrovia, still in the Coast Guard, has been spoken of as a possible Republican candidate for Register of Wills.

                                          – The Frederick Post, November 3, 1945

Severely Bitten By Dog

While rescuing a dog from a trap which someone had set on his land near Thurmont, Michael F. Wilhide was severely bitten in the right wrist by the dog. Mr. Wilhide found the animal, half-starved, in a large double spring trap which was large enough and strong enough to catch and hold a deer, he said. The setting of such a trap is an unlawful act, it was learned.

                                          – The Frederick Post, November 10, 1945

November 1970, 50 Years Ago

Local School Improvements Are Sought

In an effort to have conditions at the Emmitsburg Middle School up-graded to what was felt would be an acceptable level, the PTA of the Emmitsburg Middle School recently sent a letter of request to the Frederick County Board of Education, asking for four steps to be taken which would put the local school on a satisfactory comparison with those of other sections of the county.

                                          – Emmitsburg Chronicle, November 6, 1970

Town Offered New Water Supply; Council Studies Offer

Emmitsburg might possibly have accessible another source of fresh water supply under a plan submitted by Charnita, Inc., at the regular monthly meeting of the Mayor and Commissioners, held Monday evening in the Town Office, J. Norman Flax, chairman of the Board, presiding.

Bernard Syndor, representing Charnita, was present at the meeting and discussed the possibility of constructing a large fresh water lake in the Tract Road area, which the Town of Emmitsburg might possibly put to use during any water shortage it might experience. Mr. Syndor also discussed the erection of a sewerage treatment plant on Charnita’s ground and asked the Town’s capabilities as to handling additional sewerage. The Council is taking the matter under advisement.

                                          – Emmitsburg Chronicle, November 6, 1970

November 1995, 25 Years Ago

Town Remains Fiscally Healthy, Debt Reduced, Taxes Stable

An audit report of Emmitsburg’s 1994 budget was presented to the town council at their October meeting by the town’s accountant Ted Gregory, CPA, of Linton, Schaffer and Company, P.A. Gregory’s report focused on the overall management of Emmitsburg’s fiscal resources and included some remarks regarding areas of fiscal concern. Gregory said that comparison of expenditures with the budget showed the planning to be on target and the General Fund amount shows the town is fiscally healthy.

Commenting on the fiscal health, Mayor Carr said, “Debt was reduced by 3% and no further debt was acquired.” He said that “presently the town’s 1994-1995 budget is on target and the prospects of adhering closely to this budget are good.”

                          – The Emmitsburg Regional Dispatch, November 1995

Up-County To Get New Building

The Up-County Family Support Center is moving to a new building, which should be built and opened by the spring of 1996. The Center will continue to offer classes in adult basic education, computer literacy, employability, childbirth, formal and informal parenting, and will provide certain services in individuals’ homes. The services provided will continue to be free to those who are expecting children or have children through the age of three.

The new facility should enable the Center to provide better services for the community. It will have a child development area which will occupy one-fourth of the building, a computer facility, an educational classroom, and a commercial kitchen. There will be a space for toddlers, as well as a quiet area for those who need a rest. The larger-sized facility will enable the Center to open its doors to anyone at any time.

                          – The Emmitsburg Regional Dispatch, November 1995

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