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by James Rada, Jr.

March 1922, 100 Years Ago

Timber Land Purchased

Joseph E. Williard of Foxville has purchased 221 acres of timber land from J. Wesley McAfee near Foxville. Mr. Williard will install machinery for the manufacture of lumber of all kinds. He expects to have the mill in operation by April 15th.

                                          – Catoctin Clarion, March 23, 1922

Another New Road?

The County Commissioners, Dr. Victor F. Cullen, superintendent of the Sanatorium of Sabillasville, and other citizens of Hauvers District, held a conference with the State Roads Commission in Baltimore last Wednesday relative to the State taking over the road from Thurmont to the sanatorium and converting it into an improved highway.

A bill is now before the Legislature providing for the State to take over and improve all highways leaving from main roads to State institutions.

                                          – Catoctin Clarion, March 9, 1922

March 1947, 75 Years Ago

Bond Issue For Schools Asked

Representatives of the Frederick County Board of Education discussed with the County Commissioners Tuesday the possibility of introducing legislation to renew a $200,000 enabling act for school construction… They pointed to what they said are pressing needs for additions and improvements at Thurmont, where classes are held in the halls… The improvements at Thurmont they said, have long been contemplated plans have been drawn and they have reason to believe from qualified sources that bids could be asked soon.

                                          – Frederick Post, March 5, 1947

Beaver Creek Trout Hatchery Soon Open

The State Inland Fish and Game Commission today announced award of contracts for an immediate start of preliminary work for the $300,000 Beaver Creek fresh water fish hatchery in Washington County.… The Commission plans to transfer about 50,000 fingerling brook, rainbow, and brown trout from the Lewistown hatchery near Thurmont to the new pools. When reared, they will be planted in Maryland streams, sometime in 1948.

                                     – Frederick Post, March 28, 1947

March 1972, 50 Years Ago

Town Churches Plan Day Of Prayer

The annual World Day of Prayer will be observed this year in the community of Emmitsburg in Incarnation United Church of Christ at 7:30 p.m. this Friday night, March 3. Everyone is welcome to attend and unite with women around the world in a session of prayer. The theme is “All Joy Be Yours.”

                                          – Emmitsburg Chronicle, March 2, 1972

Local Lady Takes Helicopter Ride

Congratulations to Mrs. Nathan Valentine for taking her first plane ride at age 86. Cora has always been a great fisherwoman but yesterday she used a helicopter to tour the local area and visit her children’s and grandchildren’s homes in Emmitsburg and Thurmont from the highest she has ever been in the air. Allen Davis went along to point out the highlights.

                                          – Emmitsburg Chronicle, March 2, 1972

March 1997, 25 Years Ago

Renovation to Community Center To Begin

Representatives of clubs and organizations that use space in the Emmitsburg Community Center were briefed at a meeting held Thursday, February 20th, on plans and schedules for the upcoming $600,000 modifications to the building.

The first part is scheduled to begin April 1 and completed by September of this year. The second part of the renovation is included in the county’s Capital Improvement Budget for 2002.

                          – The Emmitsburg Regional Dispatch, March 1997

Crimes Down Against People and Property in Emmitsburg

Deputy Jeff Bartlett presented a yearly summary of policing activities carried out by the town deputies for 1996. Records show that, on the whole, Emmitsburg remains a comparatively quiet, peaceful town with a few trouble spots. “Crimes against people and property are down even though there was an 18% increase across Frederick County,” Bartlett said.

                          – The Emmitsburg Regional Dispatch, March 1997