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Brenda Wastler, the late George Wireman’s granddaughter, received a postcard in the mail from a lady named Jean Roeth, of  Delaware. Jean tracked Brenda down to let her know that she had found an original, signed copy of George Wireman’s Gateway to the Mountains book at their church’s flea market a few years ago, while cleaning out.

Jean and her sister decided to try to find George’s family. They reached out in December after finding Brenda on Google.

Brenda said, “We finally met in May when I went to Rehoboth for a retreat. It was really a miracle they found me.”

“There are only so many copies of signed Gateway to the Mountains books that Pap made,” Brenda explained, “We’re trying to get a signed copy for every member of our family. This was a real gift that we can keep in the family.”

Shortly after this meeting, Brenda had a severe case of COVID that resulted in central vision loss. She is still seeking treatment and a path to healing. If you know of someone who has been through this, please reach out to The Catoctin Banner.

Brenda Wastler (center) is shown with Jean Roeth and Nancy Hlywiak from St. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Othodox Church in Delaware.

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