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Blair Garrett

For everyone of us who is “in love” with a furry, loyal, and loving pet, let’s take a moment this Valentine’s Day to reflect on why we’re so crazy about our pets…and maybe why our four-legged friend may be a better Valentine than a love interest.

For those of us riding solo this Valentine’s Day, maybe feeling a bit down because we don’t have a Valentine, don’t fret, there’s still one surefire fall-back plan: Why not make your pet your Valentine? Why does a Valentine have to have only two legs?

People with pet allergies need not apply, but our furry friends will always be there to save the day. A person’s relationship to their pet can provide immeasurable companionship, fun, and plenty of love, and, in some ways, it’s even better than a person-to-person relationship.

Dogs will never complain about your cooking, and they’re always happy and willing to try out your new recipes with a smile on their face.

Plus, they’re great listeners. If you’ve got a nasty coworker who grinds your gears from nine to five, your dog or cat is always there at the end of the day to let you go on your half-hour rant about Cathy from accounting.

Love to snuggle? Furry Valentine to the rescue! They will never push you away or tell you that they are too “tired” and just want to be left alone.

Always wishing for someone to love you just the way you are? Your furry Valentine will never judge you, never imply that you need to lose some more weight or maybe wear a little more makeup. No, they will love you exactly as you are—at your best, and at your worst.

If you’re someone who struggles with what to get your significant other on Valentine’s Day, don’t worry. Pets have low expectations on holidays, so your last-minute-gas-station-artificial-flower bouquets are more than enough to make them happy.

The love from dogs and cats is unconditional, and they may even return the favor by bringing you gifts from time to time. It may not be that Pandora bracelet you’ve added to your online shopping cart a dozen times, and it might not necessarily look or smell very good, but it’s the thought that counts.

If you’ve ever had a spouse use your credit card for their personal hobbies, or a rogue pre-teen buy hundreds of dollars of Fortnite V-Bucks with your precious VISA, fear not. Dogs will never spend your hard-earned cash without asking. In fact, they aren’t materialistic at all. They don’t desire much; they only long to make you happy.

If 2021 isn’t the year that you find the love of your life, there’s always next year and the year after. Just be thankful your pups don’t argue back. They worship you. To them, you’re the best thing since sliced bread. And, with your pets, you are always right. No battles there.

When it’s a cheap date, and you don’t have to dress up, there’s not much room left for complaints. Your animals won’t judge you for it, and big, comfy sweatshirts are always encouraged. Netflix and a glass of wine is a totally viable night with your four-legged companions. Plus, you won’t have to compromise on a show or movie. Your pet will love whatever you choose to watch.

If all that isn’t enough to convince you that your pet is the perfect Valentine, consider this: If it’s just you and your pet, you get to eat all the chocolates and candies, and it doesn’t get much better than that.