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As a member (since 1958) and volunteer fireman for the Guradian Hose Company (GHC), Dick Willhide held many positions within the GHC.

Dick has been ill for the past year, and wished he could ride in the squad truck one last time (not possible because of his health and age), especially since the squad truck had been in an accident last year. 

His son, Greg Willhide, and daughter-in-law, Sherry, said, “Why can’t you?” and made arrangements to make it happen.

Dick rode with Steve Yingling in the Guardian Hose Company’s Fireman’s Parade in June (pictured below). Dick always loved to watch the parade, but this made it so much better to have his wish come true.

Sherry said, “He was not only throwing candy, he had a lollipop in his mouth, too!”

Photo by Sherry Willhide