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by Maxine Troxell

A corn dog consists of processed meat on a stick that is dipped in corn meal batter and deep-fried. It is a wildly popular snack (and hot dog variation) throughout the United States of America. Corn dogs are typically found at county fairs, carnivals, sports arenas, food courts in malls, and roadside eateries. Below is my aunt Erma’s Corn Dog recipe from the Taste of Heaven cookbook. This cookbook was published in 2012 for the Monocacy Church of the Brethren.

Corn Dogs


½ cup cornmeal 

2 teaspoons paprika      

½ teaspoon garlic salt   

½ cup milk                     

2 tablespoons salad oil

all-purpose flour (for coating)

wooden skewers

½ cup flour        

1 teaspoon salt  

¼ teaspoon pepper        

1 egg, beaten                 

8 hot dogs

salad oil (for frying)      


Combine cornmeal, flour, paprika, salts, and pepper.

Mix lightly, add milk, eggs, and 2 tablespoons oil. Beat with fork until smooth.

Pour batter into a tall glass. Insert skewer into bottom of each hot dog.

Roll each hot dog in flour, and then dip hot dog into the batter.

Heat salad oil in pan 1-inch deep.

Drop in hot dogs and fry for 2 to 3 minutes at 375 degrees.

Drain and serve with ketchup or mustard.