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by Richard D. L. Fulton

While the Gettysburg Battlefield has always been viewed as a paranormal hotspot, stories have evolved over time addressing the multitude of spirits that inhabit the area, to the alleged discovery of a time portal that may very well exist on the fields, to UFO flyovers.

The following are just a couple of UFO encounters experienced on the battlefield of Gettysburg.

The Wheatfield Encounter

Chris Krasnai of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, was one of those who encountered a UFO while touring the Gettysburg battlefield a number of years ago.

Krasnai said she and a friend were taking photographs one night in the Wheatfield, hoping to capture any evidence of paranormal activity.  Whether or not either had any luck in photographing any spirit activity, what they did encounter remains vivid in Krasnai’s mind to this day.

She stated that she was standing in the vehicle pullover area at the Wheatfield “chit-chatting” with her friend, when she “looked up and saw light in the sky.” She said, at first, she assumed it was an airplane or a helicopter, but it became clearer that it was neither due to the lack of any sound.

“It came closer and wasn’t making any sound,” she stated, adding, “Then it kind of stopped and a beam of light shined down on the Wheatfield.” The beam, she said, “got pretty close to us.”

She said the UFO finally stood still, with the beam of light still shining down, further stating, “I think it was pretty high up, but we were able to get a good look at it before it went behind the tree line and then just disappeared.”

Krasnai stated that the apparent UFO had four white lights around the outside of it, with three red lights in a triangular pattern in the center.

An Alien Abduction?

Gettysburg resident Eileen Catherine (Cathe) Curtis experienced an encounter on the field of Pickett’s Charge of a more serious incident.

Curtis had been engaged in taking photographs that night near the Virginia Monument, when she found herself immersed in a swarm of “orbs,” the entire incident having also been witnessed by her companion.

Regarding the swarm, Curtis stated that attempting to make her way through the encroaching mass of orbs was like “trying to divide the Red Sea.”

As the swarm intensified, her companion said that he could no longer see her. She had vanished among the swarm.

“All of a sudden, I was in this massive, cool (temperature-wise) ship along with little people (around four to five feet in height), with big dark eyes,” Curtis stated, adding, “They were like little kids, hugging me and touching my hands and arms.”

She said the beings stated (without moving their mouth), “We don’t take all people into our crafts. We have means of knowing who are open to us.”

Curtis said the beings indicated that contact would continue “whenever the time and place was right.” She further noted, “It seemed like I was in there for hours.” Her companion stated she had vanished for only a few minutes… maybe ten.

The Quandary of the Orbs?

The orbs (as described above) have been attributed to natural to paranormal to alien-association causes.

Adhering to only the alleged alien association of the orbs with alien activities, the orbs appear to be capable of self-generating light, and their illumination is not the result of being illuminated by the flash of a camera.

There may also be a connection to having the capability of self-generating energy, possibly having their own internal power. One or more individuals associated with the U.S. Department of Energy was a constant visitor to one website that featured the many forms that had been photographed of a variety of orbs. Were they exploring the energy capabilities of the orbs?

The quandary of the orbs remains to be solved.

A battlefield enigma. Photo Gettysburg Battlefield by E. C. Curtis, mid-2000s

Orbs on the move.  The orbs are traveling from the upper left towards the lower right.  To the right edge is the trunk of a tree.