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The Catoctin-Ettes, inc., has just completed its in-house twirling and marching contest for its membership. Corps members competed in various marching events, including pom poms, baton, and adult-parent march. In addition to marching, the twirlers performed their twirling skills and competed with various dance moves as they pertain to baton twirling. 

The contest gave the twirlers a taste of a different avenue of baton twirling, as they twirled and danced their way through these competitive events. First place trophies were awarded to deserving individuals; and second and third places were also recognized awards.

Parade Strut first-place winners were Kasandra Grimes, Hannah Gonzalez, and Georgia Winslow. Second place was awarded to Janae Rene’, Ruby Elswick, and Sydney Topper. Third place was earned by Isabelle Roath.

Pom Strut trophies were presented to first place winners: Georgia Winslow and Janae Rene, with second-place ribbons going to Sydney Topper, Hannah Gonzalez, Kasandra Grimes, and Ruby Elswick.

Basic Strut, which is a march using two arms, had first-place winners of Janae Rene’ and Hannah Gonzalez. Second place was earned by Ruby Elswick and Kasandra Grimes.

In the event of Basic Skills, in which twirlers demonstrate twirling concepts, first place was earned by Georgia Winslow, Janae’ Rene, and Ruby Elswick. Second-place ribbons were earned by Sydney Topper, Isabelle Roath, and Hannah Gonzalez. Third place went to Kasandra Grimes.

Parade Routine allows the twirler to compete in the routine that is the group’s parade style demonstration. First place trophies were captured by Ruby Elswick and Isabelle Roath with second place going to Janae Rene’.

Presentation is a short program constructed solely by the twirler. First place for admirable work went to Hannah Gonzalez, Georgia Winslow, and Janae Rene’.

The highlight of the contest was the Parent Strut and the Parent-Child Strut. First place was earned by the Rene’ family of marchers in each of the two events. Ruby Elswick also won first place in the Parent-Strut event.  Second place was earned by Leann Deardorff, while third place was won by Cheyenne Shaw.

The group now begins work on its annual holiday program, set to be held at Catoctin High School. For more information on the Catoctin-Ettes, inc. and upcoming free baton-twirling courses, contact Donna Landsperger at 240-405-2604 or by email at