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Fort Ritchie in Cascade saw a major makeover in April.

Barrick Avenue and Lakeside Hall received new roofs for the first time since before the Army left in 1998. The current plan is for the barracks buildings to host a series of shops, overnight lodging, and homes, once renovations are completed. Lakeside Hall also received renovations to the bar area and is ready to host the coming wedding season. The Greenhouse Cafe is now in the final stages of opening new handicap-accessible lavatories.

In addition, many infrastructure projects are underway to revive the existing stone buildings above the barracks buildings.

The month of May will see the opening of the Fort Ritchie History Museum at long last. The museum has curated a cannon to restore the Army’s tradition of cannon fire echoing in the mountains once more. And a new salon, Ritchie Rejuvenation, is pegged to open next to the chapel on Castle Drive shortly after.

Barracks buildings; Photo Credit to John Krumpotich

Guys at work; Photo Credit to Tamela Baker with Herald Mail

Courtesy Photo