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If your event is free, you may add your calendar event for free to the monthly calendar . Click the Free Event button below to add your information

Paid Ad

A paid event ad includes:

(1) the 1/16th page display ad (2.375 wide x 3 inches tall – if you would like a larger ad, please indicate that in the submit form).

(2) an Around Town write up that references the page your ad is on.

(3) a detailed calendar listing that includes who, what, when where, how much, details, and contact information.

(4) if applicable (yard sales only), a Yard Sale Classified.

The cost of the paid event is $68 payable via credit card when the event is submitted. You will be contacted via email with an ad proof and any additional questions.

Click the Paid Event button below to submit your event details and pay for the Event Ad.

Paid Event

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