Jayden Myers

With the current unemployment situation and local businesses closing, a lot of places are understaffed and feeling the fallout of hard times.

As kids graduated middle school, entered high school, and became of age, many were eager to work. Many places may not want to hire younger kids because of lack of experience, age, or even because of the limited hours they are allowed to work.

However, many kids in these younger generations are hungry for an opportunity to work right now. This generation often has more to offer than what we are held responsible for.

Starting out in the workforce as a teen is quite terrifying at first, but eventually, you get the hang of it. Expect to make mistakes. It is okay to make mistakes, and you will learn from them and be able to improve.

I work in a restaurant, and I know my first few weeks consisted of many mistakes, yet I learned from them and improved each week.

Communication is a big thing. If you don’t communicate with your coworkers or boss for help, or in general, it can be hard to adjust. Make sure that your boss knows ahead of time if you need days off.

When first starting out, working around the schedule can definitely be a tough one. Though eventually, you’ll get into a routine and it will get easier. It helps to know when the routine is going to change, so you don’t get too overwhelmed.

A routine helps organize your everyday life and often gives younger workers the structure they need to succeed inside the classroom, as well as in their personal endeavors.

Balancing work and school is definitely hard sometimes. This is why communication is a big one in the workplace. Make sure that you stay on top of school work, so you don’t fall behind. Also, make sure that your work doesn’t interfere with school-related activities. That balance is sometimes overlooked, but incredibly important.

Although this sometimes lack of flexibility can be hard for employers, hiring teenagers can be beneficial. It allows them to learn new responsibilities, expand their knowledge, and obtain better communication skills. This is important because it gives them a chance to experience the workforce and to grow. It gives them a start for future jobs as well.

Personally, working has given me a great opportunity to grow as a person. It has allowed me to become part of a team, to work with others, become more independent, and have more responsibility.

My coworkers have truly become like family as we’ve worked together, and they’ve taught me a lot of what I know now. This has allowed me to build my work ethic.

Young adults starting work can open many opportunities for them in their future as they continue growing and learning. That structure and camaraderie have been important for me and thousands of others who share that same drive.

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