Nothing empowers children more than to be involved in a project that allows them to express their true selves. Their opinions, ideas, and dreams can come alive when they work as a team and are guided towards a common goal.  This is seen every day in sports and other physical activities. But children having fun reading and writing? Seems impossible to couple teamwork and literacy, but that is actually what happened with the creation of My Bumblebee and Me, a new children’s book available on Amazon.

Last spring at Miss Sue’s Child Care, located in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, a bumblebee was often seen hovering around the children when leaving the back gate. The children were both curious and fearful of it.  Over time, they decided the bumblebee was quite harmless, and they began to research the insect on different websites. This information allowed the children to be less fearful of the bee and want to assist bumblebees, causing the children to create stories about the bumblebee.

Different theories and stories began to arise from the daycare. “Maybe he is curious about us,” one child remarked. Another child stated, “Perhaps he is trying to protect us.”

Miss Sue encouraged the children to create their own ideas about why the bumblebee was staying at the daycare and used this as inspiration for the book.

“As I wrote the story, I would ask the children their opinion,” commented Miss Sue. “They can be very honest and straightforward with their critiques.  You have to be pretty tough-skinned to ask a young child what they think.  Believe me, they are going to tell you without any hesitation. The story changed direction many times as a result of this.”

The book was edited by Miss Sue’s daughter, Jessica Brown, during the long writing process. After several months of development and revision, Miss Sue personally funded the book by hiring a local illustrator to begin the art work.  Kathleen Renninger of Blue Ridge Summit was hired not only for her talent in art, but also for her expertise in using CreateSpace to get the book published.

The book is dedicated to the children of Miss Sue’s Child Care and has been well received in the area. It is being described as “a delightful story about a young girl who is convinced a bumblebee is trying to be her friend.” Children will delight in this brilliantly colored and beautifully illustrated book, as they experience this fun fantasy-adventure.

Liz believes the bumblebee is following her and her friend, Terry, throughout their day, warning them of danger and pointing out beauty in the world. But Terry is not so sure. Fun facts and information about bumblebees are featured after the story that can empower children with the skills and desire needed to assist this important insect’s survival in our modern world.  A must read for nature lovers of all ages, and an important tool for teachers wishing to strike interest in nature with their students. My Bumblebee and Me is a marvelous addition to your library. Copies of the books are available at Amazon, both in paper form and soon on Kindle, or contact the author for copies at [email protected].

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