Deb Abraham Spalding

Scott and Michelle Calderon have opened the new Country Corner Thrift Store, located at 224 North Church Street, Unit C2 (where old Blockbuster and Curves were located), in Thurmont. Having formerly run a thrift store in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, the Rouzerville, Pennsylvania couple proclaim—in unison— that their store is, “…NOT A CONSIGNMENT STORE. We’re a discount store. We give a discount coupon to every person who brings us a drop-off of goods.”

Scott further explained, “Because you get a discount coupon every time you bring in goods, it’s wise to bring in a few grocery bags of goods, rather than trash bags of goods. It’s also wise to space out your drop-offs.”

This process allows the Calderons to keep their prices truly thrifty. In fact, Country Corner prices are unbelievably low because there are no consignment fees to pay out, no staff time spent to figure out percentages, and no hidden costs. Scott stated, “We are not non-profit, we will never be non-profit.” They get their products from shopper drop-offs and from bulk overstock discounted purchases from stores.

At Country Corner Thrift Store, you’ll find a wide variety of media, clothing, household items, housewares, books, bedding, tools, and so forth. They also buy video games at 60 percent of the price they would sell them. Michelle said, “We sell anything and everything. No…I’ll rephrase that…we consider selling anything and everything. There are some things we can’t sell.”

The couple sells some antiques, but most of those have a functional use. Because they operate a true thrift store, their goal is to eliminate the need to wheel and deal and bicker about prices. Things are just unbelievably cheap. Please note that Country Corner will not accept mattresses, upholstered items, or pillows. Drop-offs should be laundered and/or cleaned before being dropped off.

To drop off goods, please carry your items in grocery bags into the store. Please don’t leave bags at the door. Call 301-524-3615 for more information.

Thurmont Town Commissioner Wayne Hooper (left), Mayor John Kinnaird (second from right), and Commissioner Bill Buehrer (right) welcome business owners Scott and Michelle Calderon (middle) of the Country Corner Thrift Store in Thurmont.

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