Take a trip to Catoctin Mountain Park and explore two new trails! Between the Hog Rock and Thurmont Vista parking lots, keep your eye out for a small parking lot with a picnic table behind it. Across from that parking lot is where the trail starts, eventually connecting to the existing Blue Ridge Summit Trail. Left will take you to Blue Ridge Summit overlook and the Hog Rock parking lot, and right will lead you to Thurmont Vista (this trail and other trails such as Hog Rock may be closed until July 4th). The new spot is a great place to start your hike!

The next new trail extends the Blue Blazes trail past the Whiskey Still exhibit; you’ll notice a sign on a tree past the little creek with text that says “Work In Progress.” You’ll continue past the creek and the sign. Due to it still being a work in progress, the markings along the trail are limited, so be sure to stay aware of your surroundings and stay on the trail. This new trail will lead you 0.6 miles to a sign pointing you across the road toward Wolf Rock and Thurmont Vista, and continue straight toward the Misty Mount cabins. Take the opportunity this summer to get out in nature and try out the new trails! Stay safe and stay hydrated.

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