James Rada, Jr.

The Emmitsburg Mayor and Commissioners received a report about how well their social media efforts are doing in reaching people.

Office Manager Terri Ray collected the data and put together a PowerPoint show that Town Clerk Madeline Shaw presented to the commissioners.

The Emmitsburg Facebook page now has 945 followers, which is up about 225 people in the last seven months. The page only had 150 followers about two years ago. Women, ages 35-49, make up 21 percent of the town’s followers.

Each post on the page reaches an average of 370 people. Some reach many more:

  • A photo of the beginning of the dog park construction was seen by 1,600 people.
  • Construction updates are seen by about 2,600 people.
  • The announcement of the Green Registry Award was seen by 1,600 people.


“We are starting to get more comments,” Shaw told the commissioners.

When people visit the town’s website, they spend a little over two minutes on the site, on average, and about two-third of the visitors are first-time visitors.

Visit the town’s website at www.emmitsburgmd.gov, and check out their Facebook page: facebook.com/emmitsburgmd

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