The staff and mayor of Emmitsburg, members of the Emmitsburg Business and Professionals Association, and community members gathered to celebrate the official opening of several electric vehicle charging stations located on the back side of the Community Building parking lot on South Seton Avenue in Emmitsburg.

Matt Wade, the CEO of the EVI (Electric Vehicle Institute), the company who helped with the installation of the service, out of Baltimore, gave a demonstration of charging his electric vehicle. He said, “It’s as easy as plugging in and watching the lights on the kiosk progress from red to blue to green.” A full charge can take up to four hours to complete.

County Executive Jan Gardner presented a proclamation to Emmitsburg Mayor Don Briggs during this ceremony. She talked about Frederick County leading the way being the first on the Eastern Seaboard to utilize all-electric buses in its transit system.

Owners of electric vehicles can now plug into one of several convenient charging stations to top off, or fully charge, their electric vehicles. Mayor Briggs said that charging will be free until further notice so that residents can become familiar with the convenience. After the fee-free timeframe, charging will cost a few dollars and can be paid at the charging kiosk with a credit card.

Pictured left to right are Emmitsburg Town Clerk Maddy Shaw, Emmitsburg Mayor Don Briggs, EVI CEO Matt Wade, Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner, Emmitsburg Town Councilman Cliff Sweeney, EBPA Vice-President Michael Cantori, Emmitsburg Town Planner Zach Gulden, EBPA President Wayne Slaughter, Emmitsburg Town Office Manager Terri Ray, and Emmitsburg Town Accounting Tech Reese Fryer.

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