January 2018

by James Rada, Jr


Snow Removal Reminder

Given the snow that has fallen this winter, the Emmitsburg town staff reminded residents that all basketball hoops and other items need to be removed from the street before a storm, and vehicles need to be removed off snow emergency routes. After the storm has ended, residents have 24 hours to remove snow and ice from public sidewalks that border their property. Snow should not be blown or shoveled into a cleared street. These items are part of the town municipal code and can result in citations if not followed.


Sidewalk Do’s and Don’ts

Now that Emmitsburg has new sidewalks connecting different areas of the town, there are things that residents can do and shouldn’t do to ensure those sidewalks continue looking good. Don’t use any product containing salt or any type of chloride to melt snow and ice. Chloride reacts with the aggregate in the concrete to scale and delaminate it. Instead, use kitty litter, sand, or fireplace ashes for de-icing. Wash or sweep (if cold) any concrete that gets salt deposited on it from your car.


Recycling Schedule

Emmitsburg will continue to follow the Frederick County recycling schedule this year. The schedule can be found on the town website. Pickups will be every other Thursday. Your recycling should be placed at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on scheduled pickup days and at least four feet away from trash cans, cars, and mailboxes.


For more information on the Town of Emmitsburg, visit www.emmitsburgmd.gov or call 301-600-6300.



Donation from Halloween in the Park

The Town of Thurmont recently donated $2,520.78 to the Thurmont Food Bank. This amount came from the excess of the admission charged at the annual Halloween in the Park event, once the expenses were paid. This was in addition to a truckload of nonperishable food items that were also donated to Thurmont Food Bank at the event.


Water Capacity Study Approved

The Thurmont Mayor and Commissioners approved a bid of $15,200 from Arro Consulting in Hagerstown to perform a water-capacity study of the town’s water system. The study will look at the condition and capacity of the water system and evaluate water sources, treatment systems, transmissions, distribution mains, storage, pumping systems, and system losses. It will also look at the town’s current and projected demands on the water system, identify any excess capacity, outline alternatives for sharing of infrastructure, and make any recommendations. The town has worked with Arro Consulting before and has found their work excellent.


Mayor Pro-tem Chosen

Following the re-election of Mayor John Kinnaird last fall, the commissioners had to choose a mayor pro-tem. The mayor pro-tem duties are to serve in the place of the mayor if the mayor is unable to attend a meeting. Commissioner Bill Buehrer was the most recent mayor pro-tem and Commissioner Wayne Hooper served before him. Commissioner Wes Hamrick was elected to the position with a 4-0-1. Hamrick abstained from voting.

For more information on the Town of Thurmont, visit www.thurmont.com or call the town office at 301-271-7313.

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