On August 10, 2022, Catoctin High School’s (CHS) Baseball Coach Mike Franklin and Athletic Director Keith Bruck and the family of the late Catoctin Baseball player Vinny Healy recognized Tom Sherald as the school’s first Vinny Healy D.I.R.T. Hall of Fame recipient. He gave many amazing years to Catoctin High as a coach, an athletic director, and a mentor. Our community is honored to acknowledge and join in with well-deserved congratulations to Tom and his wife, Peggy (Peggy is also a career educator in the Frederick County Public School System).

Mike Franklin expressed, “special thanks to the Healy family for always supporting the CHS baseball program and community in positive ways.”


Pictured left to right are Keith Bruck, CHS Athletic Director, Mike Franklin, CHS Baseball Coach, Peggy and Tom Sherald.

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