Jayden Myers

In Thurmont, the idea of a skatepark has been brewing for a while. Recently, the dream for many has become a reality, as the project has been accepted. The community can help support the skatepark by making donations, big or small, to the Town of Thurmont. The donations can be dropped off at the town office or mailed to P.O. Box 17, Thurmont, MD 21788, and should be labeled as “Thurmont Skatepark Construction.” They can also be sent online to the Skatepark’s GoFundMe page.

Not only will this be beneficial for the attractions, but also for all the teens and kids of the community. This skatepark will provide an outlet for young people like myself. This outlet will allow them to express themselves, hang out, socialize, and more. It also allows them to be more involved with the community by making them a part of the project!

This skatepark also adds another activity that provides exercise for the youth and adults. According to Skateboard For Kids, pain tolerance, reflexes, patience, precision, coordination, and stress relief are some of the health benefits that come from skateboarding. So, not only will this benefit their physical health but their mental health as well.

This will also provide a safe environment for those who have built makeshift skateparks at their home and other skaters as well. Although they can still get hurt, the skatepark would provide them with a safer environment compared to the streets, roads, and makeshift parks people use. It would lower the risk of skaters getting hit by cars, running into pedestrians, and any property damage. It not only provides safety for the skaters, but pedestrians will be safer as well.

With this being said, the skatepark cannot be accomplished without the support of the community. If you can donate or help contribute to this project in any way, please consider doing so. The Thurmont Skate Park Committee has bi/weekly meetings on Thursdays in the pavilion behind the Senior Center in Thurmont. For more information, join the Thurmont Skatepark’s Facebook page.

New skatepark logo—congratulations, Jacob Williams, on creating the winning logo.

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