Blair Garrett

There is a whole lot to celebrate in the town of Thurmont.

The Thurmont Library unveiled its brand new Library Loop Nature Trail on Saturday, November 20, which connects the library to the Thurmont Trolley Trail.

The trail was successfully constructed with a whole lot of community support, and a fleet of citizens came out to see the trail’s grand opening.

“We’re celebrating success in all of the community collaboration taking place to make this trail system a success, and we’re especially celebrating the success of a group of hardworking students,” County Executive Jan Gardner said.

SUCCESS is a group that aids post high-school students with disabilities to continue growing their vocational education, and they put their skills to the test with Thurmont’s newest nature trail. The SUCCESS students helped maintain and develop the finished trail, and visitors and community residents will be able to see the beautiful sights Thurmont has to offer.

“One of the things I love most is that the entire community came together to bring this project to life,” Gardner said.

There are countless volunteers and organizations who have had a hand in the process of building or fundraising for the this wonderful nature trail. It was a total community effort and something the town and its members are very proud of. 

“My dream is that the Trolley Trail extends to Catoctin Furnace, and where it can connect to the bridge across Route 15 to give us a loop trail,” Thurmont Mayor John Kinnaird said. “Today is an amazing day, and congratulations to everyone involved with this.”

The more connected the town is via these trails, the more connected the community will be with direct access to some of Thurmont’s most beautiful areas.

Thurmont community members officially open the town’s newest nature trail, connecting the library to the Thurmont Trolley Trail.

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