The Thurmont Lions Club (TLC) would like to express its sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Thurmont community, surrounding counties, and all the travelers on Rt. 15, who stopped by its sandwich booth for their support of the pit beef, pit ham, pit pork, and pit turkey sandwich sales held this summer. The community’s dedication to the club over the past numerous years have been nothing short of amazing.

TLC saw record crowds this year for its sixth sandwich sales event. The club’s dedication to quality food and large portions has been major contributors to the sales. This year has been an astonishing, outstanding year, with the club netting a profit of $15,300.   

These successful events have supported the club in helping to sustain donations to sight-related organizations and organizations within our community.

The Thurmont Lions Club will be celebrating its 90th anniversary in October. Over the years, the community has helped in providing eyeglasses; doing preschool vision screening; and giving to the Thurmont Food Bank, local schools, Thurmont Regional Library, Diabetes Awareness, and many, many more local and vision-related organizations.

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