Members of Company 30, also known as the Thurmont Community Ambulance Service, Inc., held their annual awards banquet on January 21, 2017. This banquet was the first event held in their new event facility on Lawyer’s Lane in Thurmont.

Company President Lowman Keeney served as the master of ceremonies during the banquet. The banquet meal was catered by approximately fifty members of the Rocky Ridge 4-H Club and their parents.

Lowman Keeney expressed appreciation to all involved with the progress made by the company throughout 2016, including the demand of the construction of the new facility, and, in spite of that demand, members staying up-to-date on training and conducting the primary day-to-day operations of the busy company. (See article on page 1 about the new event facility for more information about the building.) The building took two and a half tough years to build. “It was a tremendous undertaking. Thank you to all the members,” said Keeney.

Keeney also acknowledged Venturing Crew 270 for completing a substantial stonework project in December 2016 that took 25 days and 739 volunteer hours. The stonework project was spear-headed by Keegan Coolidge. Another project by Venturing Crew 270 was led by its president, Devon Stafford, during which 112 trees were planted on the property.

Company 30’s secretary, Joyce Stitely, worked diligently over the course of a full year, from February 2016 to January 2017, to make 300 hand-made baskets to commemorate the opening of the new Thurmont Ambulance Company Event Complex. The sight of the baskets lined up for distribution at the banquet was worthy of appreciation and awe. Each attendee was able to exit the event with one in hand, as a commemorative gift.

Lowman introduced the recipient of the President’s Award, James Wolf, stating, “He’ll do anything in the world for you.”

Chief Dennis “DJ” Ott reviewed that Company 30 responded to 1,258 calls for the year 2016. “We’re busy. We run a lot of calls.” He reviewed that, in addition, members participate in, and conduct, a lot of training. They had just sent two ambulances to Washington D.C., and had helped prior to that with the Marine Corp Marathon. He reviewed that an ambulance was purchased by Company 30 in 2016. It cost $271,000, empty, before adding top-of-the-line equipment. He said, “We had a good year, but we can absolutely do better.” He thanked the Town of Thurmont employees and police for their support.

Chief Ott acknowledged the Top Five Responders: Jen Frushour (416), Rose Latini (188), Brooke Kennedy (184), Lisa Eichelberger (95), and Jared Snyder (93). He awarded individuals for operational support: Lowman Keeney, Denny Ott, Glenn Muth, Bob Lookingbill, and Walt Kelch were acknowledged. He also cited Joyce Stitely and Shirley Stackhouse for their dedication to the company.

Chief Ott presented the Chief’s Award to Judy White. About her, he said, “Without this person, we wouldn’t be sitting in this building. She stops what she’s doing at any time to help.”

Incoming officers were sworn in by the president of the Maryland State Firemen’s Association, Mike Davis. He said, “The camaraderie found in this community shows what it used to be about for other communities (that have since grown large and lost the small-town closeness). We’ve wained from that, especially when we have to have 350 hours to be an EMT.” He assured, “I am behind you.” 2017 Company officers include: President Lowman Keeney, Vice-President Bob Lookingbill; Secretary Joyce Stitely; Assistant Secretary Shirley Stackhouse; Treasurer Judy White; Assistant Treasurer Dennis Ott, Sr.; and Board of Directors, Glenn Muth, Jim Wolf, Tim Wiltrout, and Dave Place. Operational Officers include: Chief D.J. Ott; Assistant Chief Rose Latini; Lieutenants, Brooke Kennedy and Renea Coolidge; and Sergeant Jen Frushour.

Life memberships were awarded to Kevin Albaugh, Sue Moss, Jason West, Sarah Pigula, Dan Harbaugh, and Eugene “Sonny” Grimes (recently deceased).

The invocation and memorial for active member, Franklin Lee Shriner, who passed recently, was given by Pastor Ben Hays of Life and Liberty Baptist Church in Walkersville.

Honored guests included Thurmont Mayor John Kinnaird and his wife, Karen; Thurmont CAO Jim Humerick and his wife, Lisa; Thurmont Commissioner Wes Hamrick and his wife, Kim; Thurmont Public Works Butch West; Thurmont Chief of Police, Greg Eyler and his wife, Brenda; John and Maggie Doll of Gateway Farm Candyland and Liquors; Frannie Black of Catoctin Mountain Orchard; Frederick County Councilman Bud Otis and his wife, Rose; Frederick County Sheriff Tim Clarke and his wife, Becky, and Jason West; Medic 30’s Walt Kelch and Steve Adams; Frederick County Fire and Rescue’s Michael Davis and his wife, Ann; Mount Carmel Church’s John and Kathy Dowling; Guardian Hose Company’s Vice President Terry Frushour, Treasurer Bev Frushour, and Doc Simmers and his wife, Pat; Rocky Ridge Volunteer Fire Company’s Dennis and Paulette Mathias, and Alan and Ethel Brauer; Wolfsville Fire Company’s Steve Nalborczyk and Tammy; and Vigilant Hose Company’s Carl White and Karyn Myers. The Middletown Fire Company was acknowledged as the fill-in crew during the banquet.

Thank you to local businesses for their support of Company 30 and donation of door prizes: Bollinger’s Restaurant, Hobb’s Hardware, Cousins ACE Hardware, Mountain Gate Restaurant, Weis, Jen’s Cutting Edge, Food Lion, At Home Primitives, No. 1 Nails, Direct To You Gas Station, Wendy’s, Gateway Candyland, Rocky’s Pizza, and Fratelli’s Pizza.

Company Officers are shown (top to bottom): (left) Vice-President Bob Lookingbill; Secretary Joyce Stitely; Assistant Secretary Shirley Stackhouse; Treasurer Judy White; Assistant Treasurer Dennis Ott, Sr.; (center) President Lowman Keeney; Board of Directors, Jim Wolf, Glenn Muth, Tim Wiltrout, and Dave Place; (right) Operational Officers: Chief D.J. Ott; Assistant Chief Rose Latini; Lieutenants, Brooke Kennedy and Renee Coolidge; and Sergeant Jen Frushour.

Top Five Responders are pictured top to bottom: Jen Frushour (416 incidents), Rose Latini (188 incidents), Brooke Kennedy (184 incidents), Lisa Eichelberger (95 incidents), and Jared Snyder (93 incidents).

Company 30’s Secretary, Joyce Stitely, made 300 baskets by hand to commemorate the opening of the Thurmont Ambulance Company’s Event Facility. A basket was given to each banquet attendee as a gift.

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