Deb Abraham Spalding

Despite the chilly rain falling outside the newly relocated Village Store & Deli on a wintry Tuesday in Keymar, Maryland, it was all warm smiles for customers inside.

Returning customers already knew the reputation of the excellent food that they were ordering from the deli because they followed the business from its former location in Detour. New customers tasting their food for the first time indicated that they have every intention of returning.

On his lunch break from nearby Evapco with two of his work buddies, a smiling Darren Beacham declared, “It’s great!” referring to the steak and cheese sub he had just finished.

His co-workers, Andy Foglesong of Taneytown and Justin Markle of Hanover, were also grinning from ear to ear, happy with their meals. Justin said it was his first time eating at The Village Store & Deli, and he declared, “I’m coming back!”

Keymar resident Eric Olson’s go-to was the bacon cheeseburger, and he added, “The guys at the mill rave about the club sandwich.”

He added, “Mary [Crushong, co-owner and manager] is doing a great job of serving the community.”

Sam Valentine, who lives near Emmitsburg, had been a regular customer of The Village Store in Detour for many years. This was his first visit to the businesses’ new location, where he ordered his usual steak and cheese sub for takeout.

Owners Mary and Craig Eichelberger operated The Village Store in rented space in its former location for two years. They purchased the current property so they’d have more control as owners instead of renters. What was once a dark barroom that closed down several years ago, is now a bright and spacious dining and retail area, thanks to extensive renovations by Craig and Mary.

Mary said the cheeseburger sub and steak and cheese sub are hot sellers, as well as the awesome fried chicken (give 30 minutes prior to sit-down to order). Hot platters like hot roast beef, hot turkey, and shrimp and fries are popular as well.

Mary firmly stated, “Let me be clear! There is no consumption of alcohol on these premises, inside or outside in our parking lot.” Nearby, a customer placing an order for food, overheard our interview and shouted, “Mary’s awesome!”

With no consumption of alcohol on the premises, it must be noted that wine, beer, and liquor are for sale in the convenience store. A takeout/eat-in menu is available for order at the deli counter, and there is a dining room. Additionally, household conveniences can be purchased, from ice scrapers and bandages, candy to motor oil, to lottery tickets and groceries. This business combines a liquor store, grocery store, and eat-in or takeout deli rolled in one.

The Village Store & Deli is located at 6694 Middleburg Road in Keymar at the intersection of Rt. 194 and Middleburg Road. It is open 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. on Sunday.

Mary invites all to, “Stop in and keep coming back for more.” She promises, “We’re here to serve. Let us know your suggestions.”

To comment, to place an order, or if you want more information, please call 410-775-2966.

Pictured in the foreground from left are Justin Markle, Mary Eichelberger, Darren Beacham, and Andy Foglesong; seated back right are Katherine and David Greene; and standing far back are Nicole Honeycutt and Sam Valentine.

The Village Store & Deli is open for business at the corner of Route 194 and Middleburg Road in Keymar.

In the kitchen, Lanny Ridenour (front) and Sherry Corente serve up some good food.

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