BY Terry Pryor, Writer, Poet, Life Coach, and Student of the Mind

Note: This is the fourth month of action described in a series of motivational articles. Take some time each month to complete these action items, and you’ll see a “New You” emerge. Enjoy!

Power Action #5: The “Hit” List

By the end of this Power Action, you will have set in motion a powerful wheel of potentially successful outcomes. You will have completed another stage in finding the perfect you. You will be closer than ever to the best you you’ve ever been!

Isn’t this exciting?

So, what is it that you desire? A new and much more lucrative position at work? A new home or a remodel on your existing one? Maybe you would like to lose weight or find a spa or gym that can help motivate you to better health. Whatever it is, there are those who have gone before you. People who have already found (via networking) what you are seeking.

In this exercise, you will create a database of names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers of the people from all areas of your life to establish a list of those who will be tools in helping you find your desire. You probably already have lists to draw from in social media connections, friends, family, and neighbors. With this list, you’ll create “My Terrific List of Helpers” (or whatever you choose to call it).

One of my friends named her list “The Angel Network.” She felt so inspired by her visualization that her network had wings and saw each request “flying” to the perfect source. Maybe you will be equally inspired. Truth is, it doesn’t matter if your database has a name—it only matters that you create it!

Next, divide your list into friends, family, and business associates. A caution: family members and friends may not always be helpful, although I’m sure they want to be. If anyone you know has a history of being more of a naysayer than a cheerleader, do not add that person to your list.

Business associates are those people with whom you have, or have previously had, business dealings. Your dealings with these people can go back many years, even if you have not spoken to them in a while. These contacts can be recent or not so recent officemates, employees of any company you have worked for, clients, customers, fellow salespeople, your accountant, financial adviser, the kids’ track coach—anyone who is in a position to help you get the word out to a larger network.

This larger network is your database goal. The people who you will be calling all know other people. Think of everyone who could possibly serve as a positive contact. Try not to second-guess or limit yourself at this point. You really want to add anyone who could help you.

Friendly people in unrelated fields to yours often have contacts they are happy to share. People who work or volunteer their time at large organizations have wonderful “up-the-ladder” contacts and can be extremely helpful to you. You can always delete names from the list, but the idea is to get the name and contact information of everyone you can think of and put them on your list.

Oh, No! The Ego!

Just in case it’s rearing its adorable little head, let me briefly address that ego of yours. Yes, you have one, and that is a good thing. Just like fear, our ego is a safety mechanism that alerts us to physical, moral, and spiritual danger. Without a healthy ego, a person would become a doormat for the world to tread upon. Without our ego, we would have a pretty out-of-focus compass for right and wrong.

But our egos also can get in our way and keep us from accepting help. If the idea of calling people to ask for help is difficult for you, push aside your ego’s need to be in control. You do need help. Everyone does at times, and there is nothing weak about asking for and accepting help. In fact, allowing people to help you is one of the greatest gifts you can give to them. Not accepting help may be denying someone his or her good deed for the day.

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