jEanne Angleberger,

Shaklee Associate for a Healthier Life

Getting Water From Your Foods

Being properly hydrated is so important for our overall health: to keep body temperature regulated, to keep joints lubricated, to prevent infections, to keep organs functioning properly, and more. Did you know that being well-hydrated also helps with sleep, cognition, and mood? Hydration is about much more than drinking water.

Staying hydrated through food is an idea most of us may not think about. Did you know that eating certain fruits and vegetables may help you stay energized and hydrated?

Vegetables high in water content are broccoli (91%), bell pepper (92%), spinach (93%), and cucumbers (97%). These vegetables are a perfect addition to a garden salad.

There are a number of fruits with high water content: cantaloupe (90%), grapefruit (90%), oranges and pineapple (88%), strawberries (91%), and watermelon (92%). Whether preparing a fruit salad or eating any of these fruits individually, these healthy fruit choices provide ample hydration.

You may want to try making your own beverage with fresh fruit, herbs, and veggies. Citrus berries and melons pair well with fresh ginger or mint.

Adding cucumber slices or lemon slices to water or using an infusion pitcher makes a refreshing beverage.

These suggestions are healthier choices than drinking a carbonated soda. This is a good list to think about when you’re thirsty. And, all of them are familiar foods.

Stay hydrated year around. Your body will function better when its hydrated!

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