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Shaklee Associate for a Healthier Life

Boost Your Skin Health

What dietary foods should we include to boost skin health? The foods we eat for healthiness can play a huge role in our skin, too.  So, a trip to the farmer’s market still is a good stop for food choices.

Skin requires nourishment from the inside. Skin health is dependent on our dietary choices.

Environmental stressors take a toll on our skin. So, it’s important to eat a healthy diet to combat those stressors.

Think of colorful veggies. Bright vegetables like sweet potatoes, tomatoes, leafy greens, and bell peppers contain carotenoids. They act as potent antioxidants and help protect our skin against environmental stressors.

Go easy on fast-food and processed food. A diet high in sugar and fat may create inflammatory skin conditions. Whole foods are the best to eat.

If you love almonds, they may benefit skin appearance. They are a scrumptious snack, too!

Of course, hydration is a must. Remember to drink plenty of water.

Being outdoors in the summer means more sun exposure. A study by scientists in Spain say popping a few grapes acts as a natural protection to the skin—and they are a great snack! The darker ones are better.

Shaklee offers a skincare line of activating serum, eye treatment, and day and night cream. The products support critical cellular functions, combining botanicals and vitamins.

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Keeping our skin looking youthful is a sign of healthiness. It is another component of our body and requires daily care. So feed your skin what it needs!

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