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During the annual Catoctin Colorfest, Inc. banquet at Simply Asia in Thurmont on November 18, 2019, Carol Robertson, president of Catoctin Colorfest, Inc., reported that the weather during the annual Colorfest event, held in October, was the “best ever!” The sunny, calm, temperate weekend resulted in record numbers in attendance, sales, smooth operations, and favorable public opinion.

Statistics to note include that The Thurmont Ambulance Company sold almost 11,000 apple dumplings, and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church sold 490 crab cake sandwiches. Catoctin Colorfest, Inc. had 237 food and craft vendors that produced $14,290 in permit revenue for the town.

It was with happiness that Carol presented $20,308.17 to various community organizations who support the event. The Guardian Hose Company: $1,500; Thurmont Ambulance Company: $1,500 and two vendor spaces; Thurmont Police Department: $1,500; Catoctin High FFA Scholarship Hog: $1,650; Catoctin High School Student Scholarships: $4,500; Town of Thurmont garden supplies: $168.17; Commissioners of Thurmont: $5,000; Gift Cards $100; Thurmont Food Bank: 220 meal baskets worth $3,500; a bereavement basket: $150; Christmas decorations for Mechanic’s Town Park: $100; and family Christmas meals: $150.

Recognition was observed in the memory of John Brown, a founder of Catoctin Colorfest and past president, who passed this past July. Carol recalled that he would tumble gems for sale during the early events before opening his jewelry business in Thurmont.

The 57th Catoctin Colorfest, Inc. event will be held October 10-11, 2020.Members of the Colorfest, Inc. Board of Directors and representatives of recipient agencies (from left): Jeff Wood (Catoctin Colorfest), Jim Humerick (Town of Thurmont and Thurmont Ambulance Co.), Mary Edwards, Frank Taylor, Mike Ancarrow, Carol Robertson, Nancy Mooney, Ted Zimmerman, and Cathy Maverick (Catoctin Colorfest), Harold Bollinger and Sally Joyner-Giffin (Thurmont Food Bank), Wayne Stackhouse (Guardian Hose Company), and John Kinnaird (Town of Thurmont).

Maxine Troxell

The Annual Thurmont High School Alumni Banquet was held June 1, 2019, at the Thurmont Event Complex. 

President Howard Lewis (Class of 1960), who replaced the late Don Dougherty as president, served as master of ceremonies.

The ceremonies opened with the singing of the “National Anthem,” followed by a delicious meal, served by the Thurmont Ambulance Company.

Eugene Long, Class of 1944, was the oldest in attendance. The person traveling the longest distance was Barbara Davies Watts from Fort Rose, Texas.

Scholarships are an important part of the alumni’s purpose: supporting continuing education.  Six scholarships were awarded to graduating seniors who have a relative that attended Thurmont High School. This year’s recipients were: Mackenzie Anders (Middletown HS)—Roy Anders (1961); Cameron Baumgardner (Catoctin HS)—Sharon Bennett (1970), Nancy Hill (1971), John Fink(1950); Ryan Bollinger (Frederick HS)—Sterling Bollinger (1946); Carly Crone (Catoctin HS)—Roger Clem (1957); Lucy Estep (Catoctin HS)—Terry Blickenstaff (THS*CHS 1969); Sydney Zentz (Catoctin HS)—Chester T. Zentz, Jr. (1951) and Jean L. (Tressler) Zentz (1955).

Donna Fisher and Dominick Massett were in attendance, representing former teachers. Former alumni officers were recognized and thanked; those who served in the military were also recognized and thanked.

Honor classes represented were from 1944, 1954, 1959, 1964, and 1969.

Recognition and thanks are extended to the many businesses who donated door prizes for the banquet. Next year’s banquet will be held on June 13, 2020.  Anniversary years will be those ending in 5 and 0.

Photos by Maxine Troxell

Thurmont High School Class of 1944

Picutred is Gene Long.

Thurmont High School Class of 1954

Pictured: (back row) Jim Moser, Connie Horn, Jim Freeze, Rau Fry, Russell Long, Buddy Bostian; (front row) Linda Fogle, Lois Griffith, Dollie Sanders, Lottie Bostian, and Irene Miller.

Thurmont High School Class of 1959

Pictured: (back row) Jim Baker, Kenny Fraley, Ray May, Deanna Shuff, Joe Fleagle, Ron Boller, Harvey Gearhart; (middle row) Barbara Campbell, Geneva Coren, Sandy Moser; (front fow) Janet Brown, Ruth Ann Miller, LaRue Beckley, Nancy Andrew, Glenna Willhide.

Thurmont High School Class of 1964

Pictured: (back row) Ann Miller, Jo Ellen Middle, Patsy Manahan, Barb Watts, Jim Fraley, Carolyn Fraley, Darlene Six, Joan Freeze; (front row) Connie Fream, Judy Vonn, Nancy Turner, Ethel Alexander Brauer, and Beverly Weddle.

Thurmont High School Class of 1969

Pictured: (back row) Daniel Walter, Daniel Delauter, Robert Black, David Delaire; (middle row) Terry Black, Deb Fogle, Martha Matthews, Mary Jane Putnam; (front row) Linda Redmond, Christina Laughman, Wayne Wireman, Joyce Marshall, and Lottie Twigg.

Catoctin Colorfest, Inc. held its annual banquet in November at Simply Asia in Thurmont. This yearly meeting serves as a wrap-up for the Colorfest annual festival.

The weather for the festival was not optimum this year, with cold temperatures on Sunday, some rain, and plenty of mud. Crowds still turned out in large numbers to enjoy the offerings from hundreds of vendors. The festival was also able to avoid the power outages that plagued last year’s event.

During the meeting, annual donations are made to various organizations in Thurmont, in an effort to give back to the community. This year, Catoctin Colorfest, Inc. donated $20,339.22 to the following organizations:

  • $5,100 to Town of Thurmont
  • $4,500 to Catoctin High Scholarships
  • $3,500 to Thurmont Food Bank
  • $1,500 to Guardian Hose Company
  • $1,500 to Thurmont Ambulance Company
  • $1,500 to Thurmont Police Department
  • $696 to Catoctin High School FFA
  • $500 to local victims of a fire
  • $500 to Thurmont Ambulance Company (value of two vendor spaces at the festival used by the company at no cost)
  • $383.22 to Town gardens
  • $225 to Thurmont Library Fun Day
  • $190 to Town of Thurmont for flag lighting
  • $150 to Family Christmas meals
  • $75 to Mechanicstown Park Christmas decorations
  • $20 to American Heart Association

The Town of Thurmont issued 798 vendor permits for the event this year, of which 244 were for the Colorfest, Inc. vendors in Community Park. Among the other stats Catoctin Colorfest, Inc. listed were: 5,120 pounds of trash were generated in Community Park during the event; 72 bales of straw were delivered to combat the mud; and 9,600 apple dumplings were sold by the Thurmont Ambulance Company.

The 56th Annual Catoctin Colorfest will be held on October 12 and 13, 2019.


One weekend, every year, Thurmont is taken over by crafters, vendors, visitors, and shoppers during the Catoctin Colorfest. The show promotes “artisans and craftsman who are hard-working individuals putting their hearts and souls into their craft.” While it seems like a temporary small-town take-over, it is nice to know that the show generates a significant financial benefit to our community.

Catoctin Colorfest’s president, Carol Robertson, and Colorfest Committee members hosted a banquet on November 14, 2016 to thank event volunteers and distribute donations. A total of $18,044.08 was distributed to various organizations of Thurmont. Highlights included that the Guardian Hose Company, Thurmont Ambulance Company, and Thurmont Police Department were each given $1,500, Catoctin High School Scholarships totalled $3,500, $2,500 was given to the Town of Thurmont towards the reforestation of the Community Park, and the Thurmont Food Bank received $3,000. The Town of Thurmont issued 694 permits for the weekend, with 34 being food vendors, and Catoctin Colorfest paid the town $14,420 for official Colorfest vendors. Robertson extended sincere thanks to event volunteers, town staff, and the Thurmont community.


Some of those who attended the 2016 Colorfest Banquest are shown.

Submitted by Natalie Bentz and Payton Troxell, Rocky Ridge 4-H Reports

On November 6, 2016, the Rocky Ridge Progressive 4-H Club held their Annual 4-H Banquet and Achievement Night. Special quests, community members, and 4-H families were in attendance.  The night started off with appetizers, prepared by the Rocky Ridge 4-H Club’s cooking group. Payton Troxell delivered the Invocation, followed by a potluck meal prepared by the member’s families. Austin Ridenour, the Club’s 2016 vice president, gave the banquet welcome. Club Leader Brenda Seiss talked about how proud she was of every member and all the positive things they have done throughout the year. She thanked the families for their time and support.

Jason Baust led the American Pledge, and Kelsey Troxell lead the 4-H Pledge. All had the pleasure of listening to Addison Eyler sing “Baltimore and Me.” Next, Nikita Miller introduced all the guests invited to the banquet and asked them to stand for recognition. Caroline Clark, FC Sheep Ambassador; Payton Troxell, FC Beef Ambassador; and Samantha Bentz, Royalty Ambassador, were in attendance.

During the evening, several awards were presented to members in the Club. Club Record Book awards were given to Mckenzie Forrest (first-year member), Caroline Clark (junior member), Kallan Latham (intermediate member), and Nikita Miller (senior member). Club Demonstration Awards were given to Katie Glass (first-year member), Caroline Clark (junior member), Jake Kenney (intermediate member), and Brietta Latham (senior member). Members were also recognized for their achievements throughout the year. The Senior Award was received by Margo Sweeney; Intermediate Award to Payton Troxell; Junior Award to Madison Ohler; and Braydon Wetzel for first-year member.

Special gifts were given to those Club members who participate in the specialty groups throughout the year. These groups were the Craft Group, led by Mrs. Dutton; the Cooking Group, led by Mrs. McAfee and Mrs. Bentz; and the Sewing Group, led by Mrs. Latham. These leaders give much of their time, providing learning experiences to our members. Ms. Brenda recognized the Club’s first-year members with medals: Braydon Wetzel, Katie Glass, McKenzie Forrest, and Kelsey Troxell. She also recognized our two outgoing senior members: Margo Sweeney and Wesley Brown. Scholarship awards were presented by Jim and Judy Miller to Olivia Dutton and Megan Millison. The Family of the Year Award was given to Jim and Judy Miller, along with their children, Konnor and Nikita.

The Rocky Ridge Club presented three community organizations with monetary gifts for their help with the Club in 2016: Thurmont Guardian Hose Company, Thurmont Grange, and Thurmont Ambulance Company.  The Thurmont Grange presented their “Unsung Hero Award” to an individual who works hard and is always there for others: Kolton Wetzel.

The 2016 Officers were recognized, and then welcomed the new 2017 Officers. Ms. Brenda and the new officers made a chain to show their trust in one another and the Club. Every 4-H member received a “boot bag,” with a personalized tag as their gift from the Club. The banquet ended with closing remarks from 2017 Secretary Breitta Latham.