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Carolyn Shields

On Saturday, March 30, 2019, Helen Reaver hosted another “Granddaughter’s Day” at her house at the end of a long, dirt road. Eleven of her granddaughters traveled from across the region to attend this special meal with the matriarch of the Reaver Family.

Helen prepared a bountiful meal of homemade chili, chicken noodle soup, fruit salad, salad, biscuits, rice crispies, and her famous iced tea, and she pulled out her wedding china for the lunch. The young women, ranging from age 18 to early 30’s, caught up with one another around the table where their parents gathered each night years ago. Out the window, some of their children ran around, prompting the women to recall memories of hot summer days on the farm, playing in that same field.

They were a motley ragtag group back then, particularly on Grandkids Day, which was every Wednesday during the summer when all the cousins flocked to the farm to play kickball. “Do you remember the automatic home runs when we kicked it to the cornfield?” one of the granddaughter’s laughed.

“What about the time Kathy and Liz jumped in front of the cop car, thinking it was Gina and wanted to scare her?” another recalled.

“Why did we ever think jumping in front of cars to scare our aunts was a good idea?” another mused.

After lunch, Grandma pulled out a few items for her infamous Grocery Game, a beloved classic that is usually reserved for the married aunts and uncles and “older cousins” in the family at Easter and Christmas; but because it was a special occasion, she made an exception. Afterwards, the girls huddled around one end of the table and indubitably broke out the cards for a rapid game of Uno, filled with shouts and guffaws.

Meanwhile, Pappy walked one of his great-granddaughters down the long country lane while the “big girls” helped Grandma do dishes.

The girls left, already looking forward to the next lunch with Grandma.

Pictured from left are: (back row) Carolyn Shields, Emily Bencie, Priscilla Reaver, Brittany Johnson, Kathy Calis, Sydney Reaver; (front row) Amber Reaver, Helen Reaver, Kimberly Shields, and Jessica Buitrago.

Courtesy Photo