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Poem by Francis Smith

In the gray-green glade

dappled by the morning sun

patchwork wilderness

Hemlock, dogwood, elm

grace the rapid woodland scene

pierce the plunging rocks

Little watery pools

reflecting the heaven’s blue

form in hollow rocks

Gray rock and green tree

every glimpse a vista

white sun on white waters

Lichen, moss, and fern

their tempting texture pleases

nature-lover’s eye

In the rocky wood

so many a tiny trickle

pours into a stream

Celestial solitude

captured in the gray-green rock

and falling waters

Francis Smith, Emmitsburg resident and local poet, unaware of a poem honoring our beloved state, felt inspired to dedicate an original “Maryland’s Creed.”

Recently, he presented Emmitsburg Mayor Donald Briggs with a framed copy, embellished with the State of Maryland’s colors, the State of Maryland’s official bird (the Baltimore oriole), and the State of Maryland’s official flower (the Black-eyed Susan).

Mr. Smith hopes his efforts find favor with all of Maryland’s citizens.