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Emmitsburg’s volunteer fire department, Vigilant Hose Company (VHC), seeks to remind everyone of the importance of the Frederick County Government’s “Ambulance Transport Insurance Billing” (ATIB, often called ‘EMS Billing’) to all Frederick County Residents who are transported by a Frederick County unit. The program helps citizens of Frederick County by assisting with out-of-pocket expenses for medically necessary ambulance transports, including emergency medical responses.

The County’s Division of Fire and Rescue Services mailed out information with subscription club forms to all Frederick County Residents approximately six weeks ago. To enroll, simply fill out the membership enrollment form located in the pamphlets and list all persons living in the house who will be enrolled in the program. The ATIB is a countywide program that provides reimbursement for services rendered for ambulance transport services. In most cases, insurance carriers, government programs, auto insurances, etc., will generally reimburse a portion for ambulance charges.

If you are a Frederick County resident, here’s what you need to know:

•  Frederick County’s Division of Fire and Rescue Services began billing patient’s medical insurance for ambulance transport services in January 2013, in an effort to offset the rising cost of providing emergency medical services (EMS).  Reimbursement of these funds assists with operational expenses incurred in providing an effective combination volunteer and career EMS system, while also offering some relief to the taxpayers of the County, too.

•  Frederick County does not charge those enrolled in the ATIB program and accepts insurance payments to cover expenses with no further expectation on the part of citizens.

Providing the highest quality of professional patient care and treatment continues to be our collective number one priority. If not enrolled in the ATIB program, the charges for ambulance transport services are:

•  Non-Emergency Basic Life Support transports: $320.00

•  Emergency Basic Life Support transports: $420.00

•  Advanced Life Support, Level 1 transports: $600.00

•  Advanced Life Support, Level 2 transports: $700.00

•  Additionally, ground mileage of $10.00 per mile is charged, from                 incident pick-up site to the closest medical facility.

Those enrolled in the ATIB program are not charged any of the above fees. For more information, either go to the website at; stop by the VHC Fire / EMS Station at 25 West Main Street, near Town Square in Emmitsburg; or, should you wish to call by telephone, contact 301-600-1644 directly for helpful and friendly insights.