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The Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day was held June 25, with activities flowing without a glitch. Various community groups, vendors, and volunteers welcomed attendees with a smile. Fun was had by all as they participated in activities throughout the entire day. Activities culminated with the beautiful display of the annual fireworks at dusk. Check out the sponsor advertisement on page 54 and patronize the many sponsors who participated to make the day great!

The winners from the 2022 Heritage Day games include: 

Greased Pig Chase: Ages 1-6—Robby Dewees; Ages 7-11—Gage Creager; Ages 12-16—Austin Welch; and Ages 17 & Up—Mark Creager. 

Sack Race Singles: (5-8 years) 1st—Jerome Turner, 2nd—Emmaus Vera; (9-12 years )1st—Savanah Phebus, 2nd—Sydney Bowser and Bernadette Hahn; (13-16 years) 1st—Madison Rall, 2nd—Adam Knox; (17 & up) 1st—Josh Maze, 2nd—Jack McCarthy. 

Sack Race Doubles: (5-8 years) 1st—Ryan Krom and Chase Cool, 2nd—Ella and Emmaus Vera; (9-12 years) 1st—Bridget Ball and Sydney Bowser, 2nd—Sophia Legare and Bernadette Hahn; (13-16 years) 1st—Payton and Madilyn Myers, 2nd—Naomi Hahn and Sarah Legare; (17 & up) 1st—Matthew and Adam Knox, 2nd—Peter Ferguson and Chris Coli. 

Egg Toss: 1st—Josh Maze and Mason Joy, 2nd—Peter Ferguson and Carolyn Ferguson. 

Water Balloon Toss: 1st—Josh Maze and Mason Joy.

Watermelon Eating Contest: (5-8 years) 1st—Ryan Krom, 2nd—Mary Krom; (9-12 years) 1st—Savanah Phebus, 2nd—Cora Krom, Sophia Legara, Sophia Elizabeth Myers; (13-16 years) 1st—Adam Knox, 2nd—Tim McCarthy; (17 & up) 1st—Jack McCarthy, 2nd—Peter Ferguson. 

Pie Eating Contest: (5-8 years) 1st—Ryan Krom, 2nd—Morgan Fogle and Grayson Creager; (9-12 years) 1st—Kennedy Creager, 2nd—Gage Creager and Cora Krom; (13-16 years) 1st—Adam Knox, 2nd—Tim McCarthy; (Ages 17 & up) 1st—Jack McCarthy, 2nd—Peter Ferguson.

Heritage Day Chalk Art Contest Winners (this year’s theme was Flowers): (Pre-K–2nd grade) 1st—Simbi #8, 2nd—Ryan Krom #11, 3rd place tie—Mary Krom #16 and Amir Manouri #13; (Grades 3-5) 1st—Sophia Myers #26, 2nd place tie—Ambrose Turner #42 & Louis Turner #44, 3rd—Cora Krom #29; (Grades 6-8) 1st—Blake Smith #53, 2nd place tie—Madelynn Myers #55 and Berna #57, 3rd place tie—Simeon Turner #59 and Ava Myers #60; Division: (High School) 1st—Lauren Myers #78, 2nd—Jen Myers  #77, 3rd—Sarah Krom #75.

Horseshoe Contest: 1st place winning team—Buck Wivell and Brendon Allison, 2nd place winning team—Mr. Trish and Robert Dewees, 3rd place winning team—Rich Brown and Dan Warren.

Jack McCarthy flying over the finish line for second to Josh Maze in the Sack Race during Emmitsburg’s Community Heritage Day games on June 25, 2022.

The winners of the horseshoe contest are shown.

Seton Center volunteers inform patrons of the organization’s many services.

Mrs. Sheilds drops the egg.

Volunteers man the beer garden.

Mark Creager and John Freniere chase the pig. Note: no pigs were hurt in this game.

Dianne Walbrecker

Emmitsburg rolls out the red carpet for neighbors and visitors alike at its biggest event of the year: Community Heritage Day. This year, at our 38th annual festival, we roll out all the games you love, the BBQ chicken, car show, horseshoe contest, parade, and music, but all at a later time than in previous years. Rather than starting too early in the morning, most events will begin at noon. That will give you plenty of time to eat breakfast at the Vigilant Hose; take a cool, refreshing dip in the pool (free for the day); play those hard-fought games like the three-legged race and the raw-egg toss; but also stick around for the parade, music and dancing, and fireworks—with enough energy to spare. For any questions, you can always email us at

As always, the Vigilant Hose Company starts us out with its famous breakfast at 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. The Lions Club will serve its famous BBQ chicken dinners, as well as hot dogs and snacks, from noon until sold out, at the Community Park Pavilion.

For those of you who enjoy cycling, we have biking activities for the hardcore biker, as well as the beginner. This year we offer our 50-Miler Sightseer tour that begins at 8:00 a.m. For mountain bikers, we offer various trail rides, from beginner to advanced, at Rainbow Lake at 10:00 a.m. At 1:30 p.m., the “Tour de Pasture,” a five-mile police-escorted ride around Emmitsburg and a shorter family-friendly ride “Tour de Park” will be offered. Finally, from 1:00-4:00 p.m., we will hold “drop in” Bike Safety Rodeo for kids to learn cycling skills at the basketball courts in Community Park.

The public vote car show (registration at 10:30 p.m.) and vendor show will begin at noon. The car show will be on School Lane at the elementary school parking lot, while vendors will be set up in Community Park. For horseshoe fans, registration will be open at noon at Community Park. Games for the whole family, sponsored by the Lions Club, will begin at 2:00 p.m. You will want to bring your best for the water balloon, raw-egg toss, sack races, tug of war, and pie-eating competitions. May the best man, woman, child, or team win!

The Emmitsburg Lions Club is once again sponsoring a Heritage Art Contest. The contest is open to school-aged children from the Emmitsburg School Area in first through eighth grades. Homeschoolers are encouraged to participate as well. All artwork should reflect the theme, “What Does My Community Look Like to Me?” Prizes are awarded to winners in each division. For registration go to or email

The beer garden will return to this year’s Community Heritage Day celebration as a fundraiser to support two local worthy causes: The Friends of the Emmitsburg Library and Emmitsburg trails. This year, we plan to expand our hours into the early evening, and we are happy to report that Dave Blackmon from Smoketown brewery is returning to share his delicious brews; we are hoping to bring in a couple more breweries to join the fun.

The parade will begin lining up at 4:30 p.m. on Mountain View Road, and will begin half an hour later. As always, folding chairs will crowd the Main Street of Emmitsburg, as people cheer their favorite with “whoops and hollers.” The parade will end at Community Park in time for music and more food.

Come to the Band Stand in the park, from 6:30-9:30 p.m., to rock the night away with the Special Delivery Band, bringing you music from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. This is the kind of music to which everyone will want to dance.

We know you brag about our fireworks to your coworkers, friends, and family, and this year will be no different—they will again be spectacular. Come down to Community Park for the music, food, and company, and enjoy the fireworks up close and personal,

Jack Walker

Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day epitomizes the town’s spirit and aims to bring the community together for a day of fun and celebration. Entering its thirty-seventh year this past June, it continues to encourage community involvement and to energize neighborly pride.

On June 30, 2018, the schedule for Community Day was set, with many activities and choices of friendly competitions, ranging from games and contests to running races to riding bikes. The day started with breakfast at the Vigilant Hose Company, which was followed by a 6K run. Games and contests followed, with the greased pig chase, tug-o-war, sack races, and watermelon and pie eating contests.

Cliff Sweeney, representing the Emmitsburg Lions Club said, “The Community Swimming Pool was free to the public for swimming all day. The concession stand at the pool was open for the first time in twenty years, thanks to the efforts of members of the Emmitsburg Lions Club and the Boy Scouts.”

The biking events, coordinated by Emmitsburg commissioner and avid mountain-biker Tim O’Donnell, served to engage the public with a sport that perfectly fits the topographic mold of the Catoctin Mountain area. The biking events included a thirty-mile, ten-mile, five-mile, one-mile, and a children’s bike rodeo. O’Donnell has deep-rooted ties to the mountain biking innerworkings of the Emmitsburg area, developing the mountain bike trails at Rainbow Lake. He also organized sessions to teach the public about the “expectations of coaching,” with spokespeople from the Maryland League of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. Coaches train mountain bikers to compete in races, a fundamental step in the success of competitive mountain bikers.

O’ Donnell’s daughter, Tara, took attendance for the incoming bikers and assisted in some bike rides, including the children’s bike rodeo. Tara described the bike programs and Heritage Day as “community-oriented” and “fun,” bringing people together to celebrate what shapes the community. The efforts of the O’ Donnells in promoting mountain biking throughout the Emmitsburg area continue to have positive impact on the community, combining athletics and interaction with the unique landscape and environment our region has to offer.

The day continued with other activities, including Bingo, an art exhibit, wagon rides, musical performances by the likes of Home Comfort Bluegrass Band and Ray Owens, as well as assorted contests. A beer garden was held at the baseball field. An art contest exhibit was held at the Emmitsburg Branch Library for Emmitsburg-area students in first through eighth grades under the theme “Freedom is…”; Civil War wagon tours ran for two hours and showcased the rich history of the town. The Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day Parade featured local firefighters, baton throwers, scouts, and politicians, many of whom threw candy along the street to spectators. To finish off the night, an expansive and beautiful firework show was displayed across the night sky.

Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day continues to unite the community and bring people together for a day of summer fun.

Winners of the contests this year are the following: for the greased pig chase—Caeli Miravelle (ages 1-6), Austin Welch (ages 7-11), CJ Upchurch (ages 12-16), and John Mark Miravelle (ages 17 and up); for the singles sack race—Noah Leibensperger, 1st place, Keane Burns, 2nd place (ages 1-4), Addison Welch, 1st place, Savannah Phebus, 2nd place (ages 5-8), Joshua Hahn, 1st place, Madison Ball, 2nd place (ages 9-12), Michael DiJulio, 1st place, Matthias Buchheister, 2nd place (ages 13-16), TJ Burns, 1st place, and Jack McCarthy, 2nd place (ages 17 and up);

for the doubles sack race—Noah Leibensperger and Keane Burns, 1st place (ages 1-4), Addison Welch and Savannah Phebus, 1st place, Tierney Burns and Bridgett Ball, 2nd place (ages 5-8), Tessa McKenzie and Samantha Orndorff, 1st place, Joshua and Wesley Hahn, 2nd place (ages 9-12), Meara and Caeley McVearry, 1st place, Matthew and Joseph Horil, 2nd place (ages 13-16), Danial and Jack McCarthy, 1st place, and Abby McCarthy and Will Hibbert, 2nd place (ages 17 and up);

For the egg toss—Deandre and Adrianne Phebus, 1st place, and Denise and Bob Maddox, 2nd place.

For the water balloon toss—Kim and Dale Shields, 1st place, and Abby McCarthy and Will Hibbert, 2nd place.

For the pie eating contest—Jameson Ebaugh, 1st place, Emmaus Vera, 2nd place (ages 4 and under), Cecilia Love, 1st place, Grady Abruzzese, 2nd place (ages 5-8), Thomas Love, 1st place, Meara McVearry, 2nd place (ages 9-12), John Lane, 1st place, Jean Pembroke and CJ Upchurch, 2nd place (ages 13-16), Jack McCarthy, 1st place, and Theresa Buccheit, 2nd place (ages 17 and up).

For the watermelon eating contest—Keane Burns, 1st place, Landon Dodson, 2nd place (ages 4 and under), Sophia Legare, 1st place, Cecilia Love, 2nd place (ages 5-8), Meara McVearry, 1st place (ages 9-12), Jacob Ebaugh, 1st place (ages 13-16), Dennis Ebaugh, 1st place, and Jack McCarthy and Will Hibbert, 2nd place (ages 17 and up).

(left) Caeli Miravelle (ages 1-6 group) wins first place in the greased pig chase.

(right) Men ride horseback down the streets of Emmitsburg during the parade.

Austin and Addison Welch proudly show their awards won at Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day.

This year, the fireworks at Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day are in honor of Robert “Reds” Hance, who passed away unexpectedly early this year. “Bob was such a proponent for Heritage Day and was such a leader in the community that the Lions, Heritage Day Committee, and community, felt it would be fitting to dedicate the fireworks to him,” said Jennifer Joy of the Heritage Day Committee.

Bob was tireless in his support of many organizations and charities in Emmitsburg. It is hoped that many in Emmitsburg will come out in force to show their appreciation for him at the fireworks. Of course, the fireworks are the final event that finish off a day full of fun, sun, and family activities that begin early in the morning on June 24, 2017, beginning with the annual Vigilant Hose breakfast, followed by the Lions Club field games. Also planned this year: lots of delicious homemade food, including the Lions Club Famous Chicken BBQ; fun sports and activities for all ages; great live music from local artists; special vendor/craft exhibits, kid’s games, and rides; the Lions Club Memorial Event and Art Contest awards; Art Contest Exhibit; Library book sale; K-9 dog and emergency service demonstrations; horse-drawn carriage rides; historical tours, featuring author James Rada, Jr.; Grotto and Seton Shrine tours; car, truck, and motorcycle show (dash plaques also dedicated to “Reds”); annual parade (starts earlier this year at 5:00 p.m.); and evening entertainment with music from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, with Stewart Chapman and Michael Pryor Productions.

To keep abreast of all the news and schedule of activities on Heritage Day, please visit and check out its Facebook page: Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day.

The Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day Planning Committee would like to issue a special thanks to all who have contributed to the success of the Heritage Day festival including: the Sons of the American Legion, Knights of Columbus, Lions Club, VFW, EBPA, local churches, businesses, and all the residents, for their hard work and dedication to the community.

If you have not already donated to support the Fireworks display, and you would like to, there is still time to contribute. All donations received will support the Fireworks and the Heritage Day Festival. Send check payable to: Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day c/o P.O. Box 1182, Emmitsburg, MD 21727.

James Rada, Jr.

20150714_105639 (4)You can be forgiven if you missed the opening of the new Dollar General Store at 501 E. Main Street in Emmitsburg. The doors opened on June 28, the same day that Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day was being held.

“A lot of times we have a soft opening and then have a larger grand opening later,” said James Menees with Dollar General Media Relations. “We haven’t set a date for the Emmitsburg grand opening yet.”

Dollar General has more than 12,000 stores in 43 states and is the country’s largest small-box discount retailer by sales. Dollar General anticipates opening 730 new stores in 2015, and plans to remodel or relocate an additional 875 stores.

“We offer customers convenience and a mix of products that they use daily,” Menees said.

The Emmitsburg Dollar General is a traditional design. It has 7,300 square feet of retail space and 9,100 total square feet. Customers can find frozen foods, household goods, and non-perishable foods. Although the prices are inexpensive, the products aren’t off brands.

Menees said that the corporation looked at customer needs, demographic trends, traffic, and competition before deciding on whether or not to build a store in town.

Besides offering a new shopping venue for residents of Emmitsburg, it is also creating local employment.

Robert Bennett is the store manager

James Rada, Jr.

Rain couldn’t stop the annual Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day. With the exception of the Vigilant Hose Company’s Community Breakfast that was held Saturday morning, it just delayed the event for a day.

The Emmitsburg Lions Club, which hosts the event, made the decision to postpone the festival. Community Heritage Day is typically on the last Saturday in June, but this year it ran on Sunday, June 28. It turned out to be a good call, because it rained pretty much all of Saturday. Sunday, on the other hand, began cloudy and wet, but with no rain. By noon, the sun forced its way through the clouds and brightened the day.

Carina Hall of Emmitsburg brought her two sons and nephew out to participate in the games that included a greased pig chase, egg toss, three-legged race, and more.

“I like to come because the kids get to have a good time,” Hall said.

Besides the games, she also enjoyed some of the other events that are part of Community Heritage Day, such as the live music, parade, classic car show, and, of course, the fireworks.

“I think what the boys enjoyed even more than the games was the (caterpillar) train that went around the park,” Hall said.

Not only did kids enjoy the games, but so did the young at heart. Thirty-one-year-old Justin Forsyth signed up to participate in the adult heat of the greased pig chase on a dare.

“I told him (Bob Hance) that if he signed me up, I’d be guaranteed to win,” Forsyth said.

Although it was his first time trying to catch a greased pig, his confidence wasn’t misplaced. He said that once the pig started running, his old football skills kicked in to help him catch a real pig skin.

“It was fun, and I’m going to come back to defend my title next year,” Forsyth said.

After the games, visitors strolled Community Park listening to music and eating delicious food. They also took a wagon ride over to the classic car and motorcycle show.

Ron and Cindy Welch of Orlando, Florida, were in town visiting family and stopped by to watch the events.

“It’s very nice,” Sandy Welch said. “I like that everyone is involved and participating.”

This year was the 33rd Annual Community Heritage Day. Each year, the event brings the community together, celebrates Emmitsburg’s history, and raises funds for local charities.

Sponsors of the day include the Emmitsburg Lions Club, the Emmitsburg Business and Professional Association, Sons of the American Legion, Knights of Columbus, AMVETS, Tyrian Lodge #205, the Emmitsburg Veterinary Hospital, and Men’s Auxiliary VFW, and many more who contribute funds for the annual fireworks and who volunteer to make the event possible.

Winners in this year’s events were as follows:

Art Contest: Elementary School—Hailie Grace Dawson (first place), Emily Grace Williams (second place), Cassidy Sill (third place), Vanessa Sweeney (fourth place), Middle School—Gabrielle Archie (first place), Ryan Heiss (second place), Jean Pembroke (third place); High School—Emily Wilson (first place) and Rianna Joy (second place).

Greased Pig Chase: Ages 1-6—Emma Annadale; Ages 7-11—John Lane; Ages 12-16—Mathew LeGare; Ages 17 and up— Justin Forsyth.

Sack Race Singles: Ages 1-4—Tierney Burns (first place), Camden Stone (second place); Ages 5-8—Wesley Hahn (first place), Evan Upchurch (second place); Ages 9-12—Mason Joy (first place), Josh Maze (second place); Ages 13-16—Jack McCarthy (first place), Mathew LeGare (second place); Ages 17 and up—David Shields (first place), Abby McCarthy (second place).

Sack Race Doubles: Ages 5-8—Evan and Robert Upchurch (first place), Josh and Wesley Hahn (second place); Ages 9-12—Deandre and Andrianne Febus (first place), John Lane and Marques Miller (second place); Ages 13-16—Jada Snyder and Madison Flohr (first place), Daniel and Jack McCarthy (second place); Ages 17 and up—Fred and Mathew LeGare (first place), Bridget and Abby McCarthy (second place).

Egg Toss: Nathan Joy and Josh Maze.

Water Balloon Toss: Jerry and Jacob Wilson tied with Ben Sielaff and Kimberly Shields.

Pie Eating Contest: Ages up to 4—Annelen Upchurch (first place), Tierney Burns (second place); Ages 5-8—Wesley Hahn (first place), Brooke Shriner (second place); Ages 9-12—John Lane (first place), Krystal Lane (second place); Ages 13-16—Jack McCarthy (first place), John Pembroke (second place); Ages 17 and up—Matt Knox (first place), Jerry Wilson (second place).

Watermelon Eating Contest: Ages up to 4—Annelen Upchurch (first place), Tierney Burns and Jordyn Ohler (second place); Ages 5-8—Robert Upchurch (first place), Austin Welch (second place); Ages 9-12—Deandre Febus (first place), Josh Wantz (second place).

Casting Contest: Ages up to 4—Annelen Upchurch; Ages 5-8—Sarah LeGare; Ages 9-12—Madelyn Greco; Ages 13-16—Joseph LeGare; Ages 17 and up—Branden Burriss.

Horseshoe Tournament: Buck Wivell and Jason McKenzie (first place); Roy Wivell and Dave Wantz, Jr. (second place); Dave Miller and Tony Bower (third place).

The damp and muddy grounds didn’t stop the annual car show.

“Eventhough it was a small turnout, it was a really nice show,” said Lions Club Coordinator Melissa Wetzel. Trophies were awarded according to people’s choice.

Car Division—Stephen Kupich ’64 Chevy Corvette (first place and Best of Show); Geno “Tater” Esquer ‘68 Chevy Camaro (second place); Tater ’55 Chevy Pro Street (third place); Bill Groves ’32 Desoto Coupe (fourth place); Pat Groves ’28 Ford Sedan (fifth place).

Motorcycle Division—John Reese, 2001 Yamaha V Star (first place); Robert Droneburg ’91 H-D FXRS (second place); Wade Droneburg 2007 Yamaha V Star (third place).

Truck Division—Don and Jean Eyler ’91 Chevy Sport (first place).

Brooklyn Stone and Annelen Upchurch compete in the Watermelon Eating Contest during Emmitsburg Heritage Day.

DSC_0847(left) Evan and Robert Upchurch place first in the sack race, just one of the many fun contests held during Community Heritage Day.





DSC_0982(left) Sarah LeGare won the casting contest in the 5-8 year age group.

(below) The annual car show at the Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day is always a favorite.


Emmitsburg Flood 6-27-15-sml-IMG_8593-1 (2)Flooding shown in Emmitsburg from the heavy rains that swept through the area on Saturday, June 27, causing Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day to be delayed until Sunday.

(below) Participants strive for a steady, soft grip during the egg toss contest.


DSC_0836Josh Maze and Mason Joy hold up their ribbons earned during the sack race competition. (left)

Tug-o-war games were held for all ages at Community Heritage Day. Lion Jim Hahn helps get the contest started.

No slouches present during this sack race competition, only determined and energetic participants.

DSCN0718(left) John Lane and Krystal Lane place first and second in the pie eating contest, where winning tastes so good.



 1 HD3-1 (2)Kids enjoy riding on the train around Emmitsburg Community Park.






Total Kid Summer Camp at Well-Fit in Thurmont

The Total Kid Summer Camp, presented by the Youth Wellness Organization, will be held at the Well-Fit Aerobics and Fitness Center in Thurmont. The camp is for children (ages 8-14) and features four sessions: June 22-July 3; July 6-17; July 20-31; August 3-14. Cost is $75.00 per week; $150.00 per session. Registration will be held on Saturday, June 6, 13, and 20, from noon-1:30 p.m. View their advertisement on page 6 for more information and visit

Mountain Top Heritage Days

Come out for a celebration of the history, the people, and the future of the mountain at Mountain Top Heritage Days on June 26-27, 2015, at the Fort Ritchie Community Center, located at 14421 Lake Royer Dr, Highfield-Cascade in Cascade, Maryland. Event features games and fun for the kids, craft vendors, car and tractor show, fireworks, and much more! Vendors and volunteers welcome. View their advertisement on page 28 for more information and visit their website at

Home Run Car Show

The Home Run Car Show, presented by Golden Gears Car Club, will be held on Saturday, June 13, 2015, at Harry Grove Stadium in Frederick, Maryland. Vehicle registration will take place from 9:00 a.m.-noon ($10.00 donation). Event features raffles, food prizes, silent auction, flea market, music, exhibits, and much more! Proceeds from the Home Run Car Show to to three Veterans groups in Frederick County. View their advertisement on page 15 for more information.

Blue Ridge Sportsmen’s Events

The Blue Ridge Sportsmen’s Association in Fairfield is hosting many events in June, including a Cash Bingo on June 7, 2015, with doors opening at 11:30 a.m.; a Horseshoe Tournament on June 7, 2015, at 11:30 a.m.; a Club Picnic and Cash Raffle on June 13; an Archery 3D Shoot on June 14; and a Golf Tournament on June 20. Hall, barn, and pavilion rentals available. View their advertisement on page 12 for more information.

Spring Blue Grass Social

Mt. Moriah Lutheran Church is holding a Spring Blue Grass Social on Saturday, June 20, 2015, from 1:00-5:00 p.m., at the Foxville Community Center (old Foxville School House), located at 14814 Foxville-Deerfield Road in Sabillasville, Maryland. Event features Twin Hills Express (2:00-4:00 p.m.), craft sale, bake sale, plant sale, and much more! View their advertisement on page 17 for more information.

Lewistown Fire Department’s Sportsmans Bingo

Lewistown Volunteer Fire Department’s Sportsmans Bingo will be held on Saturday, August 22, 2015. Doors will open at 4:00 p.m.; buffet meal will start at 6:00 p.m.; and games will begin at 7:30 p.m. The cost is $40.00 per person (includes dinner, ice tea, and beer). Advanced ticket sales only. View their advertisement on page 3 for more information and on how to get your tickets.

G Force Vacation Bible School

The Monocacy (Rocky Ridge) Church of the Brethren’s G Force Vacation Bible School will be held on June 25-27, 2015. View their advertisement on page 14 for more information.

Strawberry Festival

Everyone is welcome at the Strawberry Festival at Mt. Tabor Park (home of the big slide) in Rocky Ridge, Maryland, on Saturday, June 13, 2015, from 3:00-9:00 p.m. JR Country will be performing from 6:00-9:00 p.m. View their advertisement on page 6 for more information.

Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day

Come out to the Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day on Saturday, June 27, 2015, for a hometown celebration in historical Emmitsburg. Join in activities such as bootcamp and walking path workouts, kickball tournament, bike rides and bike rodeo, horseshoe contest, traditional field games, parade, live music, fireworks, and much more! You won’t want to miss this annual event, featuring something for everyone! View their advertisement on page 40 for more information. To register for events and for more information, visit