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The following are the status of new businesses and development coming to Emmitsburg:

•  Brookfield cul-de-sac — The sketch plan is submitted, and the town is waiting for development plans for 10 single-family dwellings.

•  Christ’s Community Church — A concept plan has been submitted to build a 12,500 sq. ft. church with 98 parking spaces on Creamery Road near Quality Tire.

•  Emmit Ridge 2 — The property has sold to an investor. RJD Development and Ryan Homes are working with the investor to purchase it. Wetlands have been found that compromise eight of the proposed lots and part of the proposed Irishtown Drive. Wetland mitigation will need to be approved by the State of Maryland. Forty-eight lots have been proposed.

•  Federal Stone — The groundbreaking has been scheduled for 2023.

•  Frailey Farm — The property is for sale. The Emmitsburg town planner met with a potential developer in May.

•  Mason Dixon Logistics Park (Trout Property) — The concept plan has been submitted to staff for a commercial/industrial park. 

•  MDOT/SHA Park & Ride — The design is 15 percent complete. The project is on hold due to state budget cuts resulting from COVID-19. Staff is working with legislators to push the project forward. 

•  Ripleigh’s Creamery — Owners are working on a Fred. Co. building permit.

•  Rutter’s — The project is under active construction. It is expected to be completed later this summer.

•  Village Liquors & Plaza Inn — The owners are working with Frederick County on erosion and sediment control and stormwater management permits. Also, they are working on conditions for approval on the town site and improvement plans.

•  Warthen’s Court 5-unit townhomes — A sketch plan has been submitted. The developer is preparing the required engineered plans for the Emmitsburg Planning Commission submittal.