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The Thurmont Grange #409 hosted it’s annual “Antique Roadshow” fundraiser on Monday, March 25, 2019.  Many Grangers and community members brought their antiques, family heirlooms, and keepsakes to be evaluated by local experts, David Hunt, Denny Black, and Larry Hauver. Everything from clocks to baseballs and toy trains to silver tea sets were held up for everyone to see. This event is always enjoyable and interesting, as attendees hear the history behind cherished items, as well as their potential value. 

The funds raised from the Antique Roadshow are always donated to a local individual or family in need of community support. This year, the Grange was proud to make a $500 donation to Kinna Strong, through the Patty Pollatos Fund, Inc.  Kinna Strong is a fund which lends support to the Kinna family, a Thurmont family who has always been very active in the community, despite their own medical challenges. Melissa and her son, Nolan, are both battling life-threatening illnesses. It was such an honor to have the entire Kinna family join the Grange for the event. One can definitely gain a sense of strength from this family and their positive outlook. Kinna Strong is really the best way to describe them!

If you are interested in learning more about the Grange or about becoming a member, please contact Rodman Myers at 301-606-9221 or Niki Eyler at 301-471-5158. 

Pictured from left are Grange President Bob Wiles, Grange Lecturer Niki Eyler, Melissa Kinna, Wyatt Kinna, Nolan Kinna, and Nick Kinna  (back row).