Please come and help support Richard Carbaugh’s Hope Foundation & Project Hope of Thurmont with your donations towards a spaghetti dinner and silent auction & dance fundraising event, which will be taking place on November 29, 2014, in Thurmont at the Thurmont Carnival grounds.

This event will help to raise funds towards awareness, education, and support for families dealing with addiction, and also to help young children and teenagers and their families who have been affected by this epidemic that has swept through our town. They really need your help and the community’s help to make this event a success, and to help young individuals and families who have been affected by Heroin and drugs, as well as helping to provide valuable resources for families and individuals dealing with addiction.

Please help support this event and help make it successful by donating these items: 30-50 lbs. of spaghetti noodles; 30-50lbs. of meatballs; 10-15 containers of parmesan cheese; 20-30 dozen of Texas toast; 30-50 jars of spaghetti sauce; assorted bake goods; 5 bags of popcorn kernels for popping; 5-6 bags of assorted potato chips; 2-3 assorted dips 12-16 oz. containers; 50-80 hot dogs; 8-10 dozen hot dog rolls; big pkg. of ketchup, mustard, relish; 10lbs. chicken salad; 10-15 dozen hamburger rolls; 25-35 gallons of ice tea (jugs please, sweetened and unsweetened); 25-35 gallons of lemonade (jugs please); 6 cases of bottle water (24 pk.); 4 cases of Pepsi (12-24 per pk.); 2 cases of Mt. Dew (12-24 per pk.); 4 cases of Diet Pepsi (12-24 per pk.); 4 cases of Sprite (12-24 per pk.); 2 cases of orange soda/Dr. Pepper/root beer, etc.; 1-3 bags of assorted candy; 2 fruit trays; 2 veggie trays; 2-4 boxes of Zip Lock freezer bags; 4-6 boxes of Zip Lock sandwich bags; fall color plastic table covers (ex. brown, yellow, red, orange, green); Mums (large, medium, small); glow sticks (ex. Necklaces, bracelets, etc.); items for silent auction; sheets (ex. White, black); glow in the dark paints; pumpkins and apples.

If you are able to donate any of these items, please contact Gina at or 240-578-0235 or Jacque at 240-357-8437 or If you are unable to donate any items, they will also be collecting cash donations to go towards the purchase of paper products, cups, napkins, and so on.

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