Theresa Dardanell

Each year, Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) recognizes students who demonstrate the leadership qualities of Dr. King during the annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration in January. Students who earned the award demonstrated positive leadership qualities and exhibited the “Character Counts Pillars”: responsibility, caring, fairness, trustworthiness, citizenship, and respect. One outstanding student from each public school was chosen. The quotes below are from the nominations submitted by the staff at each school in the Catoctin feeder area.

Catoctin High School — Julia Ellenberg

“Julia has been an academic, athletic, and character leader at Catoctin High School. Julia is a member of multiple honor societies and a team captain on the swim team for Catoctin High School. Julia is looked at by her peers and her teachers as a steady and forthright young adult, who has helped lead our school through difficult circumstances. Julia’s work ethic in her academic classes is beyond compare, as she is planning on becoming a biomedical engineer; yet, she refers to her time as a student working in the Catoctin unified sports class as her most rewarding experience in high school.”

Thurmont Middle School — Thomas Bower

“Thomas is new to Thurmont Middle School (TMS) this year, and we are so lucky to have him. During his time at TMS, Thomas consistently demonstrates all of the characteristics for which this award stands. Besides his clear sense of responsibility and curiosity for learning, Thomas is friendly and always polite to others, no matter who they are. He always has a smile and seeks out ways in which he can help his peers. Thomas is an individual who I believe Dr. King would want to celebrate and promote.”

Thurmont Elementary School — Carolyn Mercer

“Thurmont Elementary School proudly nominates Carolyn Mercer for the Martin Luther King Jr. Award. Not only does she exhibit all of the qualities of ROAR (Respect, Ownership, Academics, Responsibility) in the classroom, but outside of school as well. She offers help without even being asked, and always has a smile on her face. Carolyn assists classmates by walking them to school, and in the community she folds laundry for a disabled elderly neighbor. We are so proud to have Carolyn representing Thurmont Elementary School.”

Thurmont Primary School — Ethan Tokar

“Ethan is one of the most helpful, kind, and genuine students at Thurmont Primary School (TPS).  When a new student arrived in his classroom, he offered to share materials, to sit with the student, and to be his partner during sharing time. He offers to help his teachers and other staff at dismissal, and he greets everyone with a smile! A representative group of teachers agreed that Ethan Tokar was a great representative of TPS for the MLK celebration!”

Emmitsburg Elementary School — Lillian Grable

“When we think of a student who is fair, celebrates others, and hopes to build a better future, we think of Lily! She mentors other students, helps with morning announcements, and is a gymnastics team leader. We are proud of her demonstration of kindness, and we enjoy watching her learn, grow, and inspire others.”

Lewistown Elementary School — Rachel Herbst

“Rachel has been involved in many roles while at Lewistown Elementary School. She has been a Peer Ambassador for two years and also a morning announcer. Rachel is a role model to all of her classmates. Rachel is always very respectful and polite to adults and peers. She has integrity and strives to do the right thing, even when no one is looking. She is engaged in learning in the classroom. She is always actively participating in class discussions. Rachel also perseveres and does her very best with any academic task. Her completed work is an example of what is expected as exceeding the expectations. Rachel is trustworthy and can always be counted on to be honest about any situation.”

Sabillasville Elementary School — Faith Harty

“Faith Harty shows many of the same qualities as Martin Luther King Jr. She is very caring towards her classmates and is always willing to help students and teachers as needed. She shows trustworthiness, as she often helps put away the computers or help around the room. She willingly helps other teachers, too! Faith is responsible and always works hard and does her best. Faith truly wants to learn. She shows other students the Sabillasville Elementary School way; she conducts herself in a safe manner, being careful not to cause harm to anyone else, she is engaged in learning, and is self-motivated to strive to do her best. She is an excellent representative for Sabillasville for the Martin Luther King Award.

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